August 2002 Newsletter (5762:12)

A Man of War
August 1, 2002

I am not someone who sees demons in his cornflakes, but…the longer I serve the Lord the more aware I become of spiritual realities that surround us. In a great unseen world—a realm as tangible as the ground we stand on—a great battle is being waged. It is a battle for souls, and we ignore…

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BYG Reports

Survivor Stories” draw crowd in Portland, Oregon Susan reports: “The last 24 hours have been extremely exciting. During the afternoon, we put on a concert downtown in Pioneer Square. Then came the evening showing of ‘Survivor Stories’ at the Art Museum. More than 1,000 people filled the ballroom. After the video, I introduced Vera Schlamm,…

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What Does It Take for a Jewish Person to Come to Christ?
Author: Moishe Rosen

People often ask how we bring a Jewish person to Christ. The real question is, how does God do it? And the answer is, Any way He wants!” I think of a fellow named Lou, a real estate man whose wife had prayed for his salvation for years. Lou’s mother was dying and he realized…

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