August 2001 Newsletter (5761:12)

Behold Your God: Breakthroughs, Opposition and God at Work
August 1, 2001

Please, do you take away sins?” That was the unusual question that Lilia Litvinova—one of our Jews for Jesus campaigners in Russia—heard during the recent “Operation Behold Your God” (BYG) outreach in St. Petersburg. With a lead-in question like that, Lilia had a wonderful opportunity to explain to the woman asking—who was named Olga—that she…

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The BYG Pic, August 2001

This month we are urging the cities of Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul to Behold Your God!” And to encourage you to pray for these new “Operation BYG” campaigns, you’ll notice a bookmark enclosed with this newsletter. Please hang onto it so you can pray specifically for the campaigns taking place in these cities this month….

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How God Met a Need
Author: Moishe Rosen

It was the summer of 1982. I had become concerned over the fact that the name of Jesus was kept out of public view. If people heard the name of Jesus at all it was likely to be a swear word. Somehow, it was all right to talk about God, but it was politically incorrect…

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Why I Love Arabs

There’s a strange either/or mentality in the Christian world today. Rising out of the conflict going on in the Middle East, it basically says that if you’re pro-Israel you must be anti-Arab. And if you are committed to ministry among Arabs and Muslims, you are going to have it in” for Israel. It seems to…

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