From Los Angeles, missionary Larry Dubin asks prayer for a brand new Jewish believer named Curtis. Curtis is currently in a fire-fighting training rehab center and is set to be released in about a year. He came to faith after reading the Future Hope book. Larry wasn’t exactly sure how Curtis had gotten in touch with us, but apparently a rabbi (not a believer) told him about us!

Branch leader Mitch Forman was handing out tracts in New York when a Jewish man named Alex stopped to talk. Mitch reports, Alex said he admired people who have faith, but claimed he was not that spiritually interested. About half-an-hour later, Alex returned with his wife. He had obviously told her of our conversation. He had also decided it might be good if we could meet to discuss spiritual matters further, and proceeded to give me his name and number, so we could do so.”

Kina Forman also reports from New York, “We were handing out tracts in front of Macy’s where there are usually plenty of other people giving out various types of literature. The moment we arrived, the ‘Paradise-pamphlet guy’ (who hands out questionable material) got disgusted—and he moved. Praise the Lord! Soon after, another pamphlet guy began handing out flyers for men’s suits. Toward the end of the sortie, Karim told me that he was from Africa—where his mother was Christian and his father Muslim. Having broken ties with his family, he didn’t know what to believe. When I shared the gospel, he affirmed that he believed Jesus to be the One who takes away sin—and he wanted to receive Jesus into his life. After praying with me, he said joyfully, ‘Now, I follow Jesus today and forever!’ Praise the Lord! One man could not stand to be in the presence of the gospel and another gladly received the message. Perhaps one day, Karim and the ‘Paradise-pamphlet guy’ will both hand out tracts on that corner to glorify the Lord!”

From Washington, D.C., missionary Nici Smith reports, “I have been so blessed by my ministry to Cara, a Jewish attorney, who has just come to know the Lord. Her story shows how God loves teamwork. A Jewish believer named Dyan emailed Bob Mendelsohn (in Australia) to ask prayer for a need she had. Bob referred Dyan to me and we began speaking over the phone regularly. One day Dyan mentioned that she had a Christian colleague who was dating a Jewish woman. She gave me his name and number and I called. Jim agreed to receive some of our literature. I called a week later and Jim had passed the literature on to Cara who was willing to meet me to discuss the gospel. I praise God for this chain of concern and relationship-building that allowed so many people to be instrumental in Cara’s salvation.”

Please keep those referrals coming! A pastor in Las Vegas, Nevada referred us to Doug, a new Jewish believer in Los Angeles. Missionary Greg Rosenberg has been meeting with Doug for discipleship lessons. Greg reports, “During one of our Bible studies, Doug’s mother Patricia sat in and had some questions. The week before, I had given her the Jesus movie to view with Doug. Well, I didn’t have to do much as she asked all the right questions and I showed her God’s answers in the Scriptures. Patricia, Doug and I prayed together as she received forgiveness and new life in Yeshua.”

From Johannesburg, Teresa Sischy reports, “I have been meeting with a Jewish octogenarian, Pearl, who confessed Jesus last year with me but did not seem to ‘get’ it. I have continued to visit Pearl and have gone through our ‘Yeshua Challenge’ booklet with her and, slowly but surely, she is starting to bud and show evidence of faith. Praise God and please pray for His continued work in her life!”

Paula Cummings (former Liberated Wailing Wall member) who now works in our London office reports, “London taxi drivers are infamous for talking endlessly to their customers…and Terry, who is one such driver, does it to the glory of God. You see, he is a Christian and always shares his faith with the people who get in to his cab. In an encounter with a Jewish woman named Shirley, Terry found that she was open to the gospel. Her son had started attending a Baptist church and the night before she met Terry, she’d stayed up all night reading a Christian book. She told him that she would love to meet a ‘Jewish Christian’ so Terry took her number and passed her information on to us. Please pray for Shirley’s salvation.”