The call to evangelize requires us to go to the highways and the byways—to bring God’s invitation of salvation to people who do not come looking for it. Today, those highways and byways include pathways known as the Internet.” The Jews for Jesus web site has been a great way to meet seekers, and we are continually looking for creative ways to update our on-line ministry. One of the more recent developments is our “webzine.”

The webzine is not designed for Christians. The goal is to reach unbelievers—particularly Gen-Xers—in ways that will challenge them to think and check out the gospel for themselves. If you would like to recommend the webzine to unbelieving Gen-Xers you know, it is located at: “” The “zine” is produced by our web guys, Serge Yurovsky and Rich Robinson.

With all the recent hub-bub over Star Wars, our web team designed a special Star Wars edition for our webzine. To promote the web site in general, and the Star Wars edition in particular, a couple of us visited movie theaters. We dressed up in costumes and handed out cards to the throngs of people lined up to buy tickets for the premier showings. I dressed as Chewbacca and Serge Yurovsky dressed as Obi-wan Kenobi.

Scott Sjostrom videotaped us as we distributed cards inviting people to the web site. Our “jedi,” Serge, asked a number of people thought-provoking questions about “the force” and their answers were captured on film.

The mood as people waited on line was festive. We were not the only ones in costume. Yet despite the jovial mood, I was struck by the futility and hopelessness of people looking for something to fill that God-shaped void in their hearts. Oh it’s not that people took the movie all that seriously, but many seem to have modeled their own religion after the false philosophy of the “force” as they sought some kind of power to work on their behalf.

At the same time, more and more people are seeking answers to their questions through the safety and anonymity of the Internet. Pray that many people will be drawn to our evangelistic web site. May the Lord be with you!


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