Teresa Sischy reports from New York, I took my son, Eliyah (almost 3) to the Central Park Zoo. He was reluctant to leave the reptile section because he wanted to see the hiding gecko. Finally, the gecko emerged and Eliyah asked me to, ‘Do a Bible study with the gecko’! So we presented the gospel to the gecko (and whomever else was listening). What an example of how God has been influencing our family life! My prayer is that as Eliyah grows, his concern will shift from reptiles to humans and that he will grow up loving and serving the Lord.” (Teresa’s husband is a missionary trainee and Teresa enjoys participating with the branch whenever possible. The Sischys are now finishing their training in their native South Africa.)

Also from New York, Mitch Forman reports, “Howard G. called our office after seeing a Jews for Jesus pamphlet at 125th Street in the heart of Harlem. Someone must have taken our tract, read it on the subway and left it on the seat. Anyway, Howard is in a 12-step program and has been reading the book, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peele. But he knew that as a Jew, he wasn’t supposed to believe in Jesus. Then he found our broadside on the subway and gave us a call. A missionary trainee and I visited Howard, who was amazed to see how Jesus fit perfectly with the concept of atonement. Howard is now a brand new believer!”

From the CIS, Lilia Rakhlina reports, “I tried contacting Roman T. many times, but he was never home. His Gentile wife, Zinaida, showed interest and asked if I could teach her about God. I invited her to my church and she came with her Jewish friend, Alla. At that service, they both repented and put their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Please pray for these women and for Roman’s salvation.”

Bob Mendelsohn reports from Australia, “Helen described her flight from the terror of Nazi Germany over coffee in suburban Sydney. Her brother was killed and her sister was in line to be killed in Auschwitz in 1945 when an American soldier intervened. Helen told me how she and her husband escaped from Yugoslavia to Italy in 1944. ‘I knew someone wanted to spare me,’ she said. ‘Who?’ I inquired. Helen didn’t know. I read to her from the Bible and described God’s love and goodness. I told her that Yeshua could rescue her from sin’s death sentence. She received the gospel and prayed to Jesus for new life and forgiveness. She then answered my question: ‘Who was the “who” in my story? It was Jesus!’ Oh, you might be wondering where we got Helen’s name … she rang 411 and asked the operator for help finding a Jewish person or agency (she was trying to find out how to secure some of the recently released Swiss government moneys for Holocaust survivors). The operator gave her our number! I had read about the process in the newspaper just the day before, so I knew how to get the forms for application. What a mighty God we serve!”

From Chicago, Melanie Rose reports, “Chris did the electrical work at our newly renovated office. I began witnessing to him after work one Friday, and 45 minutes later, prayed with him to receive the Lord! On a personal note, I’ve been with the ministry for six years and this is the first time I’ve prayed with someone to receive the Lord!”

From San Francisco, administrative assistant Susan Bragg met an Israeli named Avshalom who was intrigued by the “Jews for Jesus” van Susan was driving. He didn’t know that there were Jews who believed in Jesus and wanted to know more! She told him about Jesus and asked if a missionary could call him and send some evangelistic literature. He enthusiastically agreed! Missionary David Mishkin called Avshalom and he was very interested in learning more about Yeshua. Please pray for Avshalom’s salvation.

Also from San Francisco, David Mishkin reports, “While having lunch after a campus sortie, a man in his fifties came over and said, ‘I couldn’t help but notice your shirt …’ I invited him to sit down and he told me that he was Jewish, and had been involved in a cult for a many years, but was now interested in Jesus. We met again and he made the decision to make Yeshua his Messiah and Savior! His name is Robert.”