August 1999 Newsletter (5759:12)

What to Say When They Say…
August 1, 1999
Author: Moishe Rosen

My rabbi told me: ‘Christians take messianic prophecies out of context to try to persuade Jews that Jesus is the Messiah.’ He says that if you take passages out of context you can prove anything you want, and that if you don’t know the original Hebrew, it is impossible to understand the meaning of those […]

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Multi-Media: Using Today’s Technology to Help People Focus on the Lord

Next month’s newsletter will include a flyer for our brand new Jewish Evangelism kit. Since we are talking about creativity this month, we thought we’d introduce you to Michelle Brown and Scott Sjostrom, who created the two-part, award winning video series featured in the kit. Michelle is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a […]

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Bits from the Branches

Teresa Sischy reports from New York, I took my son, Eliyah (almost 3) to the Central Park Zoo. He was reluctant to leave the reptile section because he wanted to see the hiding gecko. Finally, the gecko emerged and Eliyah asked me to, ‘Do a Bible study with the gecko’! So we presented the gospel […]

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Reflecting God’s Glory

Have you ever walked into the middle of a forest and looked up through the trees to see the beautiful, deep blue ceiling of a sunlit sky? Can you picture the sunbeams reaching down like searchlights through the varied shades of green leaves? The light touches here and creates a soft shadow, it touches there […]

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Test Your Yiddishkeit

The word kipah” is pronounced kee-pah, accenting the first syllable if you are using the Yiddish pronunciation. (The Hebrew pronunciation accents the second syllable.) Test your yiddishkeit by circling the definition you think best describes the word kipah: a. what a grandfather from Brooklyn calls something he is not inclined to throw away b. an […]

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A Picture Can Be Worth…

Karen stopped by the New York Center a year ago, February. She was Jewish, liked Jesus and wondered if she could help out with some volunteer work. After speaking with her for a few moments, our staff realized that Karen did not really know who Jesus is or what He had done for her. An […]

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The call to evangelize requires us to go to the highways and the byways—to bring God’s invitation of salvation to people who do not come looking for it. Today, those highways and byways include pathways known as the Internet.” The Jews for Jesus web site has been a great way to meet seekers, and we […]

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Star Wars Webzine Excerpt
Author: Rich Robinson

The Star Wars webzine has already come and gone, but here is an excerpt from a piece that Rich Robinson wrote for the site: I get the feeling that the Force is not very personal. I wouldn’t want to have lunch with the Force. Or go bowling with the Force. And could I tell which […]

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