From New York City, missionary Kina Forman reports, Vera has been receiving our Jews for Jesus publication, ISSUES, since 1993. At one point, she was meeting regularly with one of our missionaries in New York, but she never seemed to connect with the gospel message. I have been meeting with Vera two years and each time we met, Vera said ‘no’ to Jesus as the Messiah. Yet, the Lord laid it on my heart to continue visiting her.

“A few weeks ago, I tried explaining atonement to Vera once again. To my surprise, she did not dispute the point. Then suddenly, she came down with a serious cough attack that lasted ten minutes. Gasping for breath, she managed to tell me, ‘I feel like I am going to die.’

“I quickly asked, ‘Are you ready to meet God?’


“‘Are your sins atoned for, Vera?’


“‘Are you prepared to accept that Jesus can be your atonement through his death—if you believe?’


“The cough subsided and we prayed together for Jesus to forgive Vera’s sins. A few days later she told me, ‘I am surprised at how Jewish I still am!’ She told me she truly felt at peace. Finally…she put her trust in Jesus…and it was not too late!”

From Los Angeles, missionary Annette Sofaer reports, “I dropped by to see Nancy, with whom I’ve been meeting for about a year. Nancy has believed for quite some time that Jesus is the Son of God but she could not see that He died for her sins. I visited her just prior to her back surgery, and she was distressed over her uncertain relationship with the Lord. She said, ‘Okay, show me where in the Bible it says that Jesus died to take away our sins.’ That’s a request we love to hear! We looked at John 3, Isaiah 53 and 59, and this time it finally clicked for Nancy. She prayed to receive Jesus’ forgiveness! Please pray for her to grow in the Lord and to get involved in a good church.”

London branch leader Jonathan Bernd, reports, “About a year ago we did an evangelistic mailing and a Jewish woman named Joyce, who lives in Italy, responded. When I followed up on her response, she wrote back immediately. So I called her. We spoke for awhile on the telephone and I suggested a congregation she could attend in her area. Since then we have corresponded off and on. A few months ago, Joyce called to say that she is believing more and more that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah and is attending the congregation I had suggested. Later she wrote to me wondering whether it was Jewish to get baptized. I called to give her a couple of Scripture passages to read, promising to call back and discuss them with her the following week. Before I hung up she said, ‘Oh just one more thing! I’ve been reborn and it has turned my life upside down. I’ve accepted my situation (multiple sclerosis and a difficult marriage) and it’s just amazing.’ Praise the Lord! She was bubbling with joy. I had been wondering how much of the gospel had really clicked and now I know. Please pray for her continued growth.

“On another note, please pray for Andrew, a Jewish student from Poland whom I met in Northern Ireland! He seemed very open to the gospel when we talked.”

Stephen Pacht reports from Paris, “I have been meeting with a Jewish doctor named Jean-Jacques for some time. He recently announced his desire to be baptized, and asked if I would be willing to teach him the prerequisite information. The only problem is, he has not yet been born again! Pray for him to truly understand and accept the gospel. In contrast, we have Francine, who contacted us months ago after finding one of our broadsides (gospel tracts) in a post office. She has been coming to our regular fellowship meetings and has also been attending church services with us. She has been born again and also wants to be baptized—but fears her family’s reaction. She too, needs prayer.

“The Paris team is growing! French Jewish believer Etienne Levi has participated in three summer witnessing campaigns (including this summer) and joins us as an outreach worker. Kate Fryer, a young British graduate, is taking a year to test what she feels might be a calling to minister to the French and to Jews. Please pray for us to meld together as a team.”