August 1998 Newsletter (5758:12)

The Risk of Rejection
August 1, 1998
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Everyone wants blessings. We ask God to grant them to us and to our loved ones. God bless Mom and Dad, uncle Steve and aunt Laura.” In the Hebrew Scriptures, the word for “blessings” (ashrei) literally means “happy.” The New Testament...

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Nothing to Fear
Author: Lynn McCoy

For some of us, the very thought of sharing the gospel with our friends, co-workers, or neighbors may cause us to break out in a cold sweat. Perhaps our hands begin to shake, and our knees feel like they’ll buckle under us. I was never more intimidated to share...

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Jewish Evangelism Then and Now part 2
Author: Moishe Rosen

In the mid 1950s, a group of Dallas Theological Seminary students undertook a survey of missions to the Jews to ascertain who was employed in the field, where they were employed and the nature and character of their work. They surveyed North American missions and...

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Test Your Yiddishkeit

maven (pronounced may-vin) a. a talking scavenger bird that is a cross between a myna bird and a raven b. a special grape beverage that is best enjoyed in the month of May c. an expert, an aficionado in a certain field handler (rhymes with wander) a. someone who...

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Bits from the Branches

From New York City, missionary Kina Forman reports, Vera has been receiving our Jews for Jesus publication, ISSUES, since 1993. At one point, she was meeting regularly with one of our missionaries in New York, but she never seemed to connect with the gospel message. I...

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