In our small world

From Moscow, Nadya reports what’s going on in New York, Nina is a Jewish woman who came to faith through our ministry. Her daughter, Lena, lives in New York. We began praying for Lena’s salvation and gave her phone number to Vlad and Masha in New York. They visited Lena and she, too, repented! Pray for her spiritual growth.”

From Odessa, Larissa reports, “While I was handing out literature, a woman approached me and asked, ‘Do you recognize me?’ I replied that her face looked familiar and she explained, ‘I met you once before when you were handing out literature. You sent information about Jesus to my home in Krasnodar. I read it and gave it to others to read. Is it okay that I divided your literature among my friends? Please! Let me give you one more address where you can send your literature. There are not many Jews in Krasnodar but we want to know more about Jesus.’ With such an open hearted request as this, I asked the woman if she wanted to receive Jesus in her heart, which she gladly did. Her name is Sukhanova. Please pray for her to grow in her faith.”

Doing the right thing

When we hand out our gospel tracts in public we are looking to lead all people to Christ, whether Jew or Gentile. Now and then we get a surprise. From Moscow, Sasha reports, “I was on sortie (tract passing expedition) and I asked a passer-by what he thought of Jesus. He seemed open to discussion, so I told him the gospel. Boris readily repented of his sins and accepted new life in Jesus—and it was only after he did so that I found out he was Jewish!”

It really happened!

Missionary trainee T. Rose reports, “The entire New York team was out in Bryant Park for ‘Jewish Appreciation Day.’ Six thousand people attended the event, and we encountered quite a bit of hostility. I could hardly believe it when one elderly woman who saw my shirt exclaimed, ‘Oh, Jews for Jesus. I hate you! You’re evil…By the way, could I have one of your pamphlets, please?'”

Hannah, also a trainee, adds, “We each had our share of being called names and being harassed, but my favorite remark came from a man who, while he meant to be facetious, was quite encouraging. He said, ‘It wouldn’t be a Jewish event without you.'”

Salvation in South Africa

From Johannesberg, missionary Jenifer Leigh reports, “A woman from a church where I spoke in Pretoria asked me to call her Jewish husband, John. I suggested that my husband, Lev, would call, which he did. John accepted an invitation to hear Lev speak at a local church, then he attended a Pretoria fellowship meeting and then a Sabbath service at Beit Yeshua (a messianic congregation begun by Jews for Jesus). After the service, John prayed with Lev to accept the Lord. Praise God! It is so encouraging when opportunities to speak at churches turn into opportunities to witness to Jewish people!”

Speaking of Beit Yeshua, chief of station Eliyah Gould noticed that Vivien, an unbelieving Jewish woman who’d been attending that congregation regularly, had been away for a few weeks. Eliyah called up and Vivien explained that she’d been on holiday. She also informed Eliyah that at the last service she had attended (a communion service), she had made a decision for Christ. When Eliyah asked at what point she had accepted Jesus into her life, she replied, “Just before the, you know, the wine and the bikkie [slang for biscuit].”

From terminal illness to everlasting life

From Los Angeles, Karol Joseph reports, “I’ve been meeting with Bruce for about a month. From the beginning, he believed that Jesus died for his sins and was raised from the dead, but he was never willing to receive Him as his Savior. He always insisted that his Jewishness and his illness stood in the way. (He has AIDS and his physicians believe he only has a couple of months to live.) Still, with each visit I’ve asked Bruce if he was ready to ask Jesus into his heart and to my great surprise, the last time he answered ‘yes!’ Bruce’s mother is exerting pressure on him to stop seeing me and to renounce his faith. So far, Bruce has held firm. Please pray that he’ll continue to grow in his faith and resolve to stand for Jesus.”