August 1997 Newsletter (5757:12)

Courage: Not for Missionaries Only!
August 1, 1997

It was May 9, Victory Day in Moscow. I was riding the subway with our chief of station, Avi Snyder. We emerged from a packed train into another press of people. They were shouting and waving flags—we had walked into the middle of a Communist rally! Blood stains on the hammer and sickle banners had…

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A Message From Moishe About Anger
Topics: anger
Author: Moishe Rosen

I haven’t encountered many angry Christians lately—and that fact does not give me a lot of comfort. Martin Luther, John Calvin, Charles Wesley, and virtually all of the reformers had a sharp edge and we can detect anger to this day in their writings. The prophets and even the psalmist knew and showed anger. I’m…

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Will A Voice Be Heard?
Author: Avi Snyder

Before perestroika, the church in Russia stood firm in the face of severe persecution. While perseverance and purity were emphasized over open proclamation, a witness still went forth. Non-believers heard the gospel, repented, and joined the family of God. In fact, one of our Moscow-based staff, Ella Libkina, came to faith through the courageous story…

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Back to School
Author: Josh Sofaer

Hi, I’m Josh Sofaer and I am part of the Jews for Jesus team in Los Angeles. I spend much of my time on the UCLA campus and I’d like to tell you a little about my home away from home.” First of all, The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is big! It covers…

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Let’s Team Up
Author: Robyn Wilk

The primary objective of Jews for Jesus is to preach the gospel, especially to Jewish people. We hope that you are with us and that in addition to praying for us as we evangelize, you will look for opportunities to tell Jewish people about Jesus, too. Maybe God has placed a specific person on your…

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Bits from the Branches

In our small world From Moscow, Nadya reports what’s going on in New York, Nina is a Jewish woman who came to faith through our ministry. Her daughter, Lena, lives in New York. We began praying for Lena’s salvation and gave her phone number to Vlad and Masha in New York. They visited Lena and…

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