Some people think that computers are impersonal and dehumanizing. On the contrary, we have found that personal” computers have a personality all their own—especially Macintosh computers. For example, the ever helpful “spell checker” is quick to point out words (or names) not found in the dictionary and to suggest alternates. Impersonal? You be the judge…

  • Tali Abadi (one of our approved students in Washington, D.C.) becomes Tall Abode
  • John Allred (an office worker in Los Angeles) becomes John Alert
  • Hyam Cohen (head of our Purple Pomegranate Productions) becomes Yam Chosen
  • Tanya Kaplan (an approved student in Chicago) becomes Tangy Chaplain
  • Victoria Lannon (outreach worker in Washington, D.C.) becomes Victoria Cannon
  • Claudia Mayer (our office worker in Argentina) becomes Cloudy Maker
  • Amer Olson (member of The Liberated Wailing Wall) becomes Amen Elusion
  • Trent Perkins (the bus driver/sound man for The Liberated Wailing Wall) becomes Treat Perkiness
  • Howard Scully (home office, finance department) becomes Howard Scurry
  • Annette Sofaer (missionary in Los Angeles) becomes Antenna Softer


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