Old Neighbor on Verge of New Birth

A Jewish man named Morty called our New York office from Boston. Kristy, a volunteer answering the phone, promised that one of our missionaries, Mitch Forman, would call him. Mitch Forman?! Is that the same Mitch Forman who grew up in Peabody?” Kristy didn’t know the answer, but as soon as Mitch saw Morty’s name, he recognized a former next-door neighbor! He promptly called Morty, and they had a great visit on the phone. Morty agreed to spend time studying the Bible every week. Pray for the salvation of Morty.

Restaurant Owner Conducts Survey for Jesus

Our scholar-in-residence, Dr. Goldberg, was accompanying missionary Michelle Holtzman to her evangelistic visits. They had time for dinner between appointments and stopped at a local eatery. They were delighted to overhear the owner speaking Hebrew. Her name was Judit, and they silently prayed that they might witness to her.

Judit, observing Michelle’s long skirt, asked if she was “religious.” This delighted Michelle, whose reddish brown hair and freckles often get her mistaken for a nice Irish girl rather than a nice Jewish girl! Nevertheless, the question enabled Michelle to tell Judit about Jesus. Judit admitted that it was quite possible that He could be Messiah. She began taking a survey as people walked in the door—asking if they believed that Jesus was the Messiah! You can imagine the variety of responses! Judit was delighted when Dr. Goldberg and Michelle offered to send her Hebrew literature about Jesus and gladly gave her address and phone number.

>Fishing in a Swimming Pool

From Chicago, Tanya Kaplan reports, “As I swam laps in the pool at Moody Bible Institute, I noticed some Russian-speaking people at one end of the pool. I swam over and said, “Zdrav-stvuy-te,” which means “hello” in Russian. We started talking, and I found out that these ladies were Russian Jews living right across the street from Moody. They asked about Moody, and I explained that I am a Jew who believes in Jesus as my Messiah and Lord. Bella and Lena gave me their addresses and invited me to visit them. So you see, you can have a great time of evangelism in the pool!”

After Six Years—Now Saved

From Los Angeles, Chief of Station Tuvya Zaretsky reports, “I first met Murray six years ago at the request of his Christian wife. I spoke with him only once. He was not interested in pursuing the subject further with me in person. He did agree to receive ISSUES, our bi-monthly publication for Jewish people who are willing to know why we believe in Jesus. I was surprised and delighted when Murray called to give me an update. In the years since I spoke to him, he has had coronary by-pass surgery, he has continued to read about Jesus in ISSUES and he has spoken with other Christians. He wanted to let me know that he accepted Christ and had just been baptized! Some sow, some water but we send ISSUES to any Jewish person who wants to read it, and God gives the increase.

Another Six Years, Another Salvation!

Six years ago, a girl named Laura walked by our office in New York City. She stared at the evangelistic display in our window, too frightened to walk through the door. Instead, she went home and called our office asking if someone could address her questions. She began meeting with one of our missionaries but her unbelieving boyfriend, Rob (not Jewish), said it was “weird” for her to consider Jesus. Laura decided that she would find her answers elsewhere.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t get away from Jesus. Her Christian stepmother began witnessing to her. She found herself in San Francisco with a whole group of Christian friends. But Laura felt that they just didn’t understand her outlook as a Jewish person. She wanted to know the truth but didn’t know where to turn. Rob (who was by now her husband) suggested that she meet with Jews for Jesus! So, six years after her first call to Jews for Jesus, Laura tried again, this time to our San Francisco office. Missionary Robyn Wilk arranged to meet with her.

As they continued to meet and study the Scriptures, Laura found the answers she was seeking in Jesus. We praise God for continuing to work in people’s hearts. Even when it seems they’ve given up looking for Him, He continues to seek and to save the lost.

We don’t get upset when people say they don’t want to hear from us. Six years, twelve years, a lifetime later—God will use His Word faithfully given.