August 1996 Newsletter (5756:12)

One by One
August 1, 1996

We Jews for Jesus are beginning a new chapter. God laid it on our hearts to explore new avenues of outreach, and I look forward to telling you about some of the many new ways to reach Jews in the months to come. Our ministry is on the move! We have room to grow and…

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Some people think that computers are impersonal and dehumanizing. On the contrary, we have found that personal” computers have a personality all their own—especially Macintosh computers. For example, the ever helpful “spell checker” is quick to point out words (or names) not found in the dictionary and to suggest alternates. Impersonal? You be the judge……

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Family Tree
Author: Leah Brickner

Last month, Moishe Rosen wrote to introduce you to David Brickner (

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Giving God His Due
Author: Stan Meyer

Paul was a cantor—and how he loved to sing. Every time we got together, he would start singing out a nigune (wordless melody) from a portion of the siddur (Jewish prayer book). For a 90-year-old, he had a great voice! I met Paul when he came to Adat Yeshua—a messianic congregation that began as a…

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Jewish Evangelism in Germany?

*While Jonathan Bernd spends most of his time at our London branch, he makes regular evangelistic forays into Germany. Pray the Lord will continue to open doors for him to minister there. Most people know what Hitler did to the Jews of central Europe. Fewer people realize that his heinous crimes against the Jewish people…

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More Than Survivors

A well-dressed woman in her fifties walked into our Friday night chapel service in New York City. She locked eyes with David Brickner. There was a mutual recognition, but David did not immediately recall when or where they had met. After the service, Ruth reminded him of the occasion. Seven months earlier, during our 1995…

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Jews for Jesus on the Internet

A book titled God on the Internet by Mark Kellner includes a chapter with the author’s list of the top ten religious Web sites.” Kellner is a journalist in the computer field and a regular contributor to the Washington Times. His book is published by IDG books, a secular publisher. He listed Jews for Jesus…

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Bits From the Branches

Old Neighbor on Verge of New Birth A Jewish man named Morty called our New York office from Boston. Kristy, a volunteer answering the phone, promised that one of our missionaries, Mitch Forman, would call him. Mitch Forman?! Is that the same Mitch Forman who grew up in Peabody?” Kristy didn’t know the answer, but…

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