* Based on information in Ready to Rebuild: The Imminent Plan to Rebuild the Last Days Temple by Thomas Ice and Randall Price (Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 1992). Though not all Christians may agree with the authors’ views of the end times, this book can be recommended as a responsible treatment of Third-Temple activity in Israel.

Jews for Jesus often receives requests from Christians to confirm or explain something they have heard about plans in Israel to rebuild the Temple. The following chart is intended to help answer some of these questions by presenting a partial list of some Jewish groups in Israel that are involved in activities relating to a Third Temple.

This material is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to condone or lend credence to any particular group or theology.

It is important to note two things about these organizations:

1. They are in no way supportive of Jewish evangelism or the presence of Jewish believers in Jesus in Israel.

2. They represent only a minority within the Israeli community. (Most Israelis are secular Jews who have no vested interest in seeing a Third Temple built.)

Atara L’yoshna
Means “The crown to its original,” i.e., restoring the original biblical Jewish lifestyle, including a functioning Temple.
Goal: to increase Jewish presence near the Temple Mount

Significant activities: It has purchased property for Jewish settlements in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem. It also maintains a Study and Tourist Center near the Western Wall.

Ateret Cohanim
Means “Crown of Priests.”
Goal: to prepare future priests for serving in the Temple

Significant activities: It has established a yeshiva (school of higher education) for this purpose, begun by Motti Dan. With Atara L’yoshna, it is also interested in increasing Jewish settlements. On several occasions they have attempted to gain or actually occupied sites in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem.

Beged Ivri
Means “Hebrew Clothing.”
Goal: to create and sell biblical clothing designs in preparation for the Third Temple

Founded by Reuven Prager

Significant activities: It is not a political group, but a commercial endeavor. It is also working to revive ancient Jewish marriage ceremonies.

Harrari Harps
Named after its founders.
Goal: to build harps such as those used in Bible days as needed for a Third Temple

Founded by Micah and Shoshanna Harrari

Significant activities: It has researched and constructed ancient harps.

Institute for Talmudic Commentaries Goal: to undertake and publish research relating to the Temple

Headed by Rabbi Nahman Kahane (brother of Meir Kahane)

Significant activities: It maintains a computer database of all priests in Israel.

Society for the Preparation of the Temple Goal: to educate the public concerning Temple matters

Significant activities: It publishes a bi-monthly magazine called “Let the Temple Be Rebuilt.” It also sponsors a prayer service on the Temple Mount.

Temple Institute Goal: to educate the public concerning Temple matters and to actively make preparations for a Third Temple

Founded by Israel Ariel; Director: Zev Golan

Significant activities: It has utilized the research of former Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog and others to produce garments and implements for the Temple. It maintains a visitor’s center at the Institute. It has received much media exposure and has sponsored a Conference on Temple Research.

Temple Mount Faithful Full name: Temple Mount and Eretz Yisrael [Land of Israel] Faithful Movement

Headed by Gershon Salomon

Goal: to remove Muslim presence from the Temple Mount and to build a Third Temple

Significant activities: It has made several aborted attempts to lay the cornerstone for a Third Temple.