August 1993 Newsletter (5753:10)

Impasses and Absolutes
August 1, 1993
Author: Avi Snyder

Tell me, Avi, Arnold asked, “has anyone ever threatened to kill you because of who you are?” He wasn’t asking out of morbid curiosity, nor was he inquiring about dangers I might have encountered as a missionary with Jews for Jesus. He wasn’t really asking a question but preparing to make a statement. Arnold wanted…

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No Escape From Opportunity
Topics: our stories

One bright spring morning I woke up early to go and meet a man I had been discipling. When I got out of bed I felt very weak, but I shook it off, figuring that it was nothing a little more sleep couldn’t cure. Was I ever wrong! By afternoon I found myself in the…

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So Be It!

Growing up in a racially and religiously mixed neighborhood in the Bronx, I accepted certain convictions that were bestowed on me by others. For example, if they told me it was Tuesday, So Be It! It was Tuesday! If they told me it was snowing outside, even though it was mid-summer and 90 degrees, So…

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Break Up That Cement
Author: Moishe Rosen

Some of God’s people who congratulate themselves on being firmly planted in the faith merely have their spiritual feet stuck in concrete. They are trapped in the rapidly drying cement of do-nothingness,” a compound of spiritual “wash water” and the sand of timidity. Many saints have been immobilized in do-nothingness for so long that it…

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We’re Glad You Asked…

Question: I have heard that without the original ashes of the red heifer for purification as described in Numbers 19, Temple worship cannot be resumed, I have also heard that some Jews in Israel are searching for the ashes of the red heifer so they can begin rebuilding the Temple. Is this true? Answer: The…

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Israeli Groups Involved in Third-Temple Activities*
Topics: end times, temple
Author: Rich Robinson

* Based on information in Ready to Rebuild: The Imminent Plan to Rebuild the Last Days Temple by Thomas Ice and Randall Price (Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 1992). Though not all Christians may agree with the authors’ views of the end times, this book can be recommended as a responsible treatment of Third-Temple activity…

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A Mini-Revival in South Africa

Our Johannesburg branch experienced a mini-revival when four Jewish people made commitments to the Lord during a week and a half. The first was David, a Jewish man from Russia. Like many other Russian Jews, David had come to South Africa after first spending some time in Israel. He had married a South African girl,…

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