Listed by rank, in the latest Jewish Year Book* the ten countries of the world that had the largest Jewish populations were: The United States, Israel, the old Soviet Union, France, Great Britain, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil and Australia. The countries in color are those where Jews for Jesus already has a permanent branch. There are certain other places (like Israel) where we conduct scheduled and intensive ministry, but we do not claim these as permanent branches.

The Jewish people aptly have been called The wandering Jews.” The worldwide Jewish population does tend to shift geographically more often than it does among non-Jews. The following statistics further explain why we Jews for Jesus are where we are:

Worldwide Shifts in Jewish Population During the Last 25 Years

From 5,200,000 to 5,515,000

From 1,488,470 to 3,717,100

From 2,000,000 to 1,370,000

From 300,000 to 530,000

From 450,000 to 320,000

From 230,000 to 310,000

From 360,000 to 218,000

Jewish Population Changes in the United States

In the United States the largest Jewish population shift occurred in and around New York City. In the greater New York metropolitan area, including the eastern counties of New Jersey and the southern counties of Connecticut, it mushroomed from 3,000,000 to about 225,000,000.

Shifts downward occurred in the Bronx and in Chicago. In the Bronx, the Jewish population has decreased from 556,000 to 85,000. In Chicago it has decreased from 350,000 to 248,000.

Where Did They Go?

Between 1954 and 1991 many of the Jewish people who moved out of the Bronx and Chicago contributed to the Jewish population increases in the following U.S. cities:

Southern Florida from 80,000 to 489,800
Boston, Massachusetts from 140,000 to 228,000
Washington, D.C. from 60,000 to 165,000
Detroit, Michigan from 72,000 to 94,000
Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex from 16,500 to 55,000
Phoenix, Arizona from 5,000 to 50,000
Denver, Colorado from 16,000 to 45,000
Tucson, Arizona from 5,000 to 20,000
The state of Nevada from 10,000 to 20,000

In the United States there is a definite movement among the existing Jewish population either toward cities that provide new business opportunities or to the sunbelt. New Jewish immigrants from other countries also continue to arrive and to settle in the larger cities.

In the U.S. and abroad we Jews for Jesus take our priorities by going where the Jewish people are. Pray for us that we might open branches in those places with large Jewish populations where we do not yet have a permanent work.

*American Jewish Year Book, 1991, Volume 91, The Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, PA.