Missionary work is full of questions—those that people ask us, those we ask others to get them to think about the gospel, and those we ask ourselves. These experiences of some of the members of our Liberated Wailing Wall Mobile Evangelistic Team represent some of the queries we encounter.

Life on The Liberated Wailing Wall is not easy. Yet anyone who has felt God’s call and has served on the team, and has allowed God to work through them in this short term of discipline, will never exchange what they learned for anything in the whole world. It is an experience that can make you or break you.

The decision to serve for 18 months must be influenced by more than a desire to travel or see the country or play music. Anyone who serves on The Liberated Wailing Wall must know that God has called them to that commitment. When the trials and tests came, it was good to know that God was with us, and whatever we faced was part of His plan to help us grow. Every day we encountered new challenges, but we counted it all joy because we knew that the trying of our faith works patience.

As the bus driver/sound man my responsibilities differed a little from the rest of the team. Nevertheless, I learned that one of the most important things to remember was that I was part of a team and I needed to think that way all the time. My planning and timing always affected the way the team functioned, so I had to keep a wide channel of communication open all the time.

During the day my time was spent either driving or tending to our bus. Sometimes, when all the bus business was taken care of, I spent some time rehearsing with the team. Occasionally I got to sing, but during presentations I usually spent most of my time behind the soundboard making the others sound good. I really enjoyed doing sound and I considered it a great challenge.

Now at the end of my term of service, I look forward to the simple things that people in normal” life just take for granted. This is also a wonderful time for me to reflect on what God has done in my life over the past few months. He has proven His faithfulness to me over and over again. What would I like to have done differently? I wish I could have trusted God more in developing my patience and allowed Him full control of the many situations that I took into my own hands.