Our Jews for Jesus Newsletter is in essentially the same format that we began in 1976. We chose this style of communication because it was economical, easy to publish and a good way to keep our ministry friends posted and praying knowledgeably for us.

In the past we felt that it was too expensive to publish a magazine as many other missions do. Now that postage rates have gone up and we can no longer mail the newsletter as cheaply as we once could, and technology has greatly improved, it might not be so expensive to publish a magazine. We are considering it, and would like to know how our readers feel about that.

Another matter for consideration is: Do we have a possible problem of over communication to our dear friends like you?

If you have an opinion on either subject, we would welcome your comments. Tell us whether we should try to go to a magazine format, and whether we should publish more or less often.

In writing, it would help if you used a postcard rather than a letter to send your brief comments. We don’t have all of the patience we need, and while we are praying and learning to be more patient, we would rather use our small supply of patience with unbelievers we want to tell about Jesus, because they need it most!


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