Back in 1974, the Jews for Jesus ministry was more a tribe than an international mission society. Most of us were young and unpaid volunteers. I was one of those early workers, and I remember our plan to reach New York City with the gospel. We prayed, and through what we now believe to be a sign from the Lord, God showed Moishe that we should have a summer witnessing campaign in New York.

I was on that Summer Campaign of 1974, leading the New Jerusalem Players. At that time none of the members of the Players was an actor, but for the sake of the gospel we acted. We had developed some parabolic street messages, which we did on the streets of New York during the lunch hour. One location for this street evangelism was the steps by Wall Street. It was one of our best sites. Crowds of people would stop, and we would talk to them after the presentation. We spoke to hundreds of people that summer and must have handed out thousands of tracts. Evidently one seed that we planted lay dormant in Bob’s heart for fifteen years.

Bob is a New York Jew who is now living in Chicago. After much struggling with some personal problems he had challenged God,OK, if You are really there and You get me out of this situation, I promise I will call the Jews for Jesus here in the Chicago area.” I do not recommend this method for everyone, but God in His graciousness answered Bob’s request. After meeting with David Brickner, then in charge of our Chicago branch, Bob came to faith and prayed to receive Jesus. That happened a few years ago.

Since then Bob has been worshiping in a local Bible-believing congregation. He even teaches Sunday school, and he comes out to our Friday night fellowship meetings. One of those fellowship meetings was where I first met Bob.

As we swapped stories of how God had worked in our lives, I realized that the gospel seed that had finally blossomed into the fruit of faith in Bob’s heart had been sown by the New Jerusalem Players back in 1974 on the streets of New York! Bob was one of the hundreds who had stopped to hear our preaching and take our tracts, and that was the beginning of his odyssey to Jesus.

I wonder how many countless others have a similar story yet to be told, and how many seeds are still waiting to yield their fruit.


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