QUESTION: I saw your people on the streets of New York handing out tracts this summer. If a person is a Gentile, can he or she be part of a Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaign?

ANSWER: Our front-line people must be Jewish believers in Jesus or married to a Jewish believer on staff.

Occasionally we have allowed Gentiles on our administrative staff to take the special two weeks of campaign training at Moody Bible Institute and participate. They wore Goyim (Gentiles) for Jesus T-shirts. We are not trying to be elite or exclusive, but we must maintain our identity. After all, if a Gentile campaigned on the streets in a Jews for Jesus T-shirt, he or she could rightfully be accused of false identification.

Nevertheless, we do have many volunteer tasks other than front-line evangelism for any of our Gentile friends who have boundless strength and energy, can cook and want to help with Campaign. If you can raise your own support to come and live in New York for a month, would like to cook three meals a day for about 50 people, have a strong back and can pack tract bags or be a printer’s helper, do we have a job for you! Write and ask about next year’s Campaign if you are interested. We are already taking applications for the summer of 1990.


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