Besides handing out our pamphlets on busy downtown street corners, we also frequent airports and college campuses. You can find us anywhere there are crowds of people who need to hear about Yeshua. There are a number of university campuses in the "Chicagoland" area. We have had a presence on these campuses for several years now.

Most of the responses to our broadside tracts are immediate. People usually let us know right away what they think. The vast majority of those we encounter are polite. They either accept a tract, or depending upon local propriety respond with, "No" or "No, thank you" or "I already received one of those." To invite further response, we always place our local branch or headquarters’ address and phone number on the tract.

A while back we received a letter at our Chicago branch office. It was a response to one of our broadsides. Actually, it was quite hostile, "demanding" an immediate answer! From the tone of the letter, it did not seem that its writer might be open to any kind of two-way discussion, because as everyone knows "Jews don’t believe in Jesus." I recognized the address as being close to one of the local university campuses, and upon further investigation, I found out that the letter writer lived in one of the dormitories. Well, no response was more immediate than a phone call and the ensuing conversation might be interesting at the least. I tried calling the writer several times but was unsuccessful.

Months passed and then we received a phone call from that letter writer. I was out at the time, but I received the message that "Rochelle" (not her real name) had called requesting that someone speak with her. That evening, I returned her phone call.

Rochelle was not hostile this time. In fact, she was just the opposite. As we talked, it was obvious that she had heard the gospel before and had been considering the issues for a while. She had never heard it from a Jewish perspective, and this had aroused her curiosity. She was eager to set up a visit with me and have a discussion in person. We did just that.

Rochelle said she had had "Christians" coming in and out of her life since she was a child. According to her, they were always out to "get her converted" and sometimes in inadvertent ignorance they made negative comments to her about Jewish people. She wanted to meet again and promised to look over the materials I left with her and think about some of what I had said. She admitted, "It’s all very interesting." I pray that her interest in spiritual things will be heightened in the days ahead, and that God will keep sending people who know him to plant more gospel seeds in her heart.


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