Here’s an opportunity for you, our supporters, to give toward the future of Jews for Jesus while receiving the financial benefits available under current tax law.

Have you ever heard of a pooled income fund? Well, neither had we, until some experts” started encouraging us to look toward our future. We found that there are ways to give to the ministry of Jews for Jesus which provide for current benefit to the giver and long-range support for the Lord’s work.

Our Pooled Income Fund is a common fund made up of many separate contributions of cash, securities or property from different donors. These contributions are transferred to the fund for the purpose of investment. The Jews for Jesus ministry receives long-range benefit, since the fund functions like an endowment.

For our donors, the Pooled Income Fund functions like a mutual fund. The donors retain the right to the interest income from the investment of the fund, which is paid out to them quarterly for the rest of their lives. The payout benefit from the Pooled Income Fund is different from fixed annuity payments, since income from the fund is determined by the actual rate of return each year.

There are a variety of tax benefits as well.

  1. There is no capital gains tax on appreciated assets which are transferred to the Pooled Income Fund.
  2. There is an income tax charitable deduction in the year the gift is transferred to the fund.
  3. A gift may potentially qualify for a gift tax annual exclusion, an estate tax charitable deduction, or the gift/estate tax marital deduction.

If this all sounds technical, be assured there are answers to your questions.

Participation in our pool can’t help you win an olympic medal, but it does offer you a terrific way to exercise good stewardship and provide for the work of our missionaries too.

Can you see the value? You would benefit spiritually from making a contribution to our ministry, you would receive the immediate tax benefit on the donation, and you would still receive payment as income from the fund for the rest of your lifetime.

If you said “Sure, I see the value of the Pooled Income Fund!”, please complete the coupon below and return it to Tuvya Zaretsky, c/o Jews for Jesus, 60 Haight Street, San Francisco, California, 94102. We will send you the necessary information and application procedures so that you may begin participating in this valuable stewardship opportunity.


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