My back was killing me and I really needed to see a chiropractor! Our mobile evangelistic team, The Liberated Wailing Wall, was touring in the Houston area, and since the two specialists in town were unavailable, I turned in desperation to the Yellow Pages of the phone book. My teammate Goldie was struck by this nice Jewish-sounding name in big, bold letters. Thinking we were on the other side of town, which was not too far away from this doctor, she made an appointment for me. Our taxi ride to the doctor cost $30.00!

The whole situation seemed so ridiculous, until we realized that this last-minute appointment was a divine appointment.” A lovely lady, who was the doctor’s wife, greeted us as we came in. The doctor, a young Jewish man from Brooklyn, began joking with us as soon as he saw our Jewish names. The conversation got around to us and our profession.

“Singers,” we said.

“What kind?” the doctor asked.

“Oh, Jewish gospel music.”

“Hmm, sounds interesting,” he said.

Then his wife, our medical forms in hand, said, “Oh, you all work with Jews for Jesus!” Not much more was said, and the doctor left to study our X-rays and prepare for our adjustments.

No sooner had I walked into the treatment room, when the doctor asked, “So, how long have you been a believer in Yeshua? That’s what you call him, right?”

I explained and gave him a brief story. His questions and my witness continued throughout the visit amidst my groans as he worked on me. When he finished, I was still sitting on the table and he turned to go. Then he stopped, turned back to me and said, “I just can’t understand how Jesus could be God!”

I briefly explained my view that God, who created the universe and spoke to Moses through the burning bush could certainly reveal himself as a man if he chose. I told the doctor I did not think that a man had become God, but that God had become a man and had lived among us.

Then the doctor started a triumphant little speech. He seemed to have made it before because he knew it so well. He said something like, “Well, God made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Joseph, (That’s what he said—it’s not a JFJ heresy.) and it’s never been broken, and I think Jesus was God’s way of reaching the Gentiles, but the Jews have the covenant.”

I told the doctor that I too had held to that kind of theory before I believed, but there was a big flaw in it. “First of all, it’s true that the covenant was never broken by God,” I said. “But it certainly has been broken by us! I could never keep 613 mitzvas (commandments). I can’t even keep the Ten Commandments. Can you?”

He agreed that he too fell miserably short.

“I’m afraid that if we live by that covenant, we will be judged by it as well, and that leaves you and me condemned to be separated from God,” I said.

The doctor’s face became very serious and almost sad.

“I don’t want to be judged by the law. I want to be judged by the mercy of the Messiah,” I said.

He just nodded and said, “You’re right.”

As he left the room and went to adjust Goldie, I gave him a tract called L’Chaim (To Life). As he entered Goldie’s treatment room, I heard him ask, “So, how did you become a believer in Yeshua?!”

We invited the doctor to come and hear The Liberated Wailing Wall sing, but because of a certain family situation, he was not able to attend any of our concerts in the area. You can be sure, however, that he will be hearing from us!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Goldie has recently finished her term of commitment to The Liberated Wailing Wall and has left the team in order to keep house for Doug Lowe, her brand new husband and “personal chiropractor.” (He intends to go to chiropractic school.) We wish them much happiness as they begin their new family life in the Lord.


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