After a year of service with our Jews for Jesus Los Angeles branch, I rejoined the Liberated Wailing Wall, our mobile evangelistic team. Looking back on that year’s experience as a branch missionary and looking ahead to my future, I have what seem to be conflicting feelings.

I found my time in Los Angeles to be one of the most emotionally exhausting experiences of my life. But as I look to the future and think of how I would like to invest my life after I complete my 18-month tour of duty with the Liberated Wailing Wall, I aspire to do exactly the same work that our branch missionaries perform. Although I find the conflict of sharing the gospel in the face of rejection quite painful, Jesus’ call to reach out to the lost is unavoidable. If anyone reading this is wondering about God’s call upon his or her life, perhaps they would find motivation in my reasons for being a missionary:

I aspire to be a missionary because I want my vocation—my day-to-day purpose in life—to be aligned with my spiritual and ultimate purpose in life. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend my days serving God in evangelism, not being limited to giving him merely my spare time.

I aspire to be a missionary because a life invested in people for God is the only life that can change eternity. I am not naturally a people person.” Yet I recognize that Christ died to bring people to God. And to the degree that I come to understand God’s love in my life, I find myself moved to reach out to others. I am grateful to be able to spend my days meeting and visiting people to touch their lives with God’s love.

I aspire to be a missionary because I know the difficulties will drive me to the feet of the Messiah. If I do not get close enough to God to be filled with his love, I will fail. I cannot go through the motions of evangelism without knowing the reality of Jesus in my life. If I try to do that, I find myself so paralyzed that I am driven to him, and I need that motivation.

I hope that you will pray for me and all of our Jews for Jesus staff, that we will be faithful to our calling. And while you are praying, would you consider the possibility that God might be calling some of you, our very special-hearted supporters, to serve him in such a way yourselves?


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