You were a middle-aged Jewish woman living in suburban Pennsylvania, and you were looking for the Messiah?


You just happened to have some friends who told you they knew the Messiah of Israel?


You began receiving ISSUES, a publication that presents a Messianic Jewish perspective, and you decided to send for the publisher’s free literature?


You read Yeshua, a book about Jesus of Nazareth?


You received a telephone call from a Jewish woman who helped you better understand the deity of Jesus?


You were reading in the Scriptures, and all those coincidences” were convincing you to believe in Jesus as your Messiah and Savior?

Does the above scenario sound contrived? It isn’t. It really happened just that way. God, the Author of salvation (Hebrews 5:9), planned exactly that series of events for a woman named Nancy.

From time to time, the Jews for Jesus ministry offers free literature through the secular media to Jewish people who are curious about Jesus. In February of this year, Susan Perlman, the editor of ISSUES, received a request for the book Yeshua and recognized that the inquirer, Nancy, was at the point where she would be greatly encouraged toward faith if she could meet a Jewish person who believed in Jesus.

Susan called The Messianic Jewish Center, a co-laboring ministry to Jewish people in Philadelphia, and asked if someone there could contact Nancy. That week, Janel Levy (that’s me) spoke with Nancy to address her specific questions and concerns about Messiah. Much of our discussion focused on the Trinity and on reconciling that concept with Jewish traditions.

I was able to point out some verses—particularly Isaiah 48:12 and 16—that allow the possibility of a compound deity within Old Testament teachings. Later I sent Nancy some pamphlets dealing specifically with her questions.

After that conversation, Nancy began attending a Bible study on the Book of Romans with her Christian friends. She read the literature she had received, and even shared it with a friend.

By the time Kiley Weinstock, a volunteer worker at The Messianic Jewish Center, contacted Nancy three weeks later, she had already decided to serve Jesus the Messiah!


God may have a similar experience in store for your Jewish friend.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Janel Levy is secretary to Rev. Herb Links, director of the Messianic Jewish Center.


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