We met Judith near Chinook, Montana, an unusual place to meet anyone Jewish, let alone a Jewish believer. Actually, Judith was not from Montana, but from Connecticut, in a city close to New York City. We spent some time with her that day, and later that evening we left town with the rest of the Liberated Wailing Wall and traveled on to North Dakota.

About two months later, the Liberated Wailing Wall was in Connecticut. We were singing in a church in East Haven, when I spotted Judith. She was sitting in the congregation flanked by two people who we later learned were her brother and sister. She seemed really excited to be there—all smiles. After our presentation, we had a chance to talk to her and learned that it had been quite a day for her. She had just told her parents about her faith in Yeshua. (She had been a believer for about two years, but had not been home during that time.) Judith’s sister Jan had known of her faith for some time, and her brother had just heard the news.

At the book and materials table, I asked Judith’s brother a few questions concerning his feelings about our message and the gospel. He was very guarded, saying that he was open-minded, but not interested” in what we had to say.

Back in our dressing room, Judith and her sister were chatting with the other women on the Liberated Wailing Wall team about our presentation. They asked me to explain which prophecy in Daniel I had mentioned during my story that evening.

As I presented the Scriptures to Jan, I realized that she had always believed in God and had always feared him. Reading in Isaiah 59:1-2, she knew immediately that her separation from God was apparent, and that the verse spoke of her, too. Then we read Isaiah 53, and she instantly recognized it as describing Jesus. She was reading it to herself, when she stopped suddenly, transfixed at the page, staring. I assumed that she had been heavily convicted by the chapter, and when I tried to ask her something, she said, “Just wait a second—hold on.” Then she told me that the passage that had just captured her attention was in Isaiah 54, rather than 53.

As I had been telling her about the Messiah, I had told her that unless she had a need for a savior, or perceived the need that we all have, she would find what I was telling her quite useless. And even as I was searching to suggest a possible need in her life that would show her that she needed the Savior, God was way ahead of me. He knew her need and had already ministered to it as her gaze was drawn to Isaiah 54 and she read:

Sing, O barren, thou who didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou who didst not travail with child; for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the LORD.…Fear not, for thou shalt not be ashamed…thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth…For thy Maker is thine husband; the LORD of hosts is his name… (vs. 1-5).

There was a need in Jan’s life that only the Holy Spirit knew. She said that many of her friends were having babies, and she, being unmarried, had been feeling very lonely and desirous of a husband and children. This had been the source of much grief and depression for her. Although that passage was intended to speak to Israel as a nation, God used those words to minister to Jan in a personal and supernatural way.

I asked Jan to pray with me to receive Jesus. After calling her sister Judith back into the room to join us, Jan gave her heart to Jesus, fully elaborating on the sinner’s prayer (Lord, forgive me for my many, many sins).

Needless to say, there was much rejoicing that night, both in heaven and at that church in Connecticut. Happiest of all was Judith, who went home with her sister who was now also her new sister in the Messiah!


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