August 1987 Newsletter (5747:10)

The Value of Street Ministry
August 1, 1987
Author: Moishe Rosen

Well, possibly you have heard by now, but in case you have not, rejoice with us. On June 15, word came down that WE WON our case before the United States Supreme Court, 9-0. The ruling means that, at least for the time being, we are allowed to continue distributing our broadside gospel tracts in…

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: When you approach your people and discuss the fact that every prophecy from the prophets that foretold the Messiah was fulfilled in Jesus, how can they not believe that he was the Messiah? ANSWER: Your question assumes that the person so approached has met four conditions. The first is that the individual believes the…

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A Tale of Two Sisters

We met Judith near Chinook, Montana, an unusual place to meet anyone Jewish, let alone a Jewish believer. Actually, Judith was not from Montana, but from Connecticut, in a city close to New York City. We spent some time with her that day, and later that evening we left town with the rest of the…

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Author: Alan Bond

It has been an encouragement to me to see that Silviu from Romania—and more recently from Los Angeles—has come much closer to embracing Yeshua as Messiah. Ironically spiritual progress can come at a point when we are humanly ready to give up. It makes me appreciate all the more those who are praying for our…

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Missionary of the Month: Joel Kleinbaum

Joel Kleinbaum is one of the missionaries in our Los Angeles branch. Six feet tall, with green eyes and brown hair, Joel is described by his friends as not as quiet as you might think.” Soft-spoken Joel has much to say, but he appears reserved until you get to know him. Joel was born in…

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What If…
Author: Janel Levy

WHAT IF… You were a middle-aged Jewish woman living in suburban Pennsylvania, and you were looking for the Messiah? WHAT IF… You just happened to have some friends who told you they knew the Messiah of Israel? WHAT IF… You began receiving ISSUES, a publication that presents a Messianic Jewish perspective, and you decided to…

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The Bad Samaritan

Once upon a time there was a woman of Samaria. (In the land of the Bible of Jesus’ day, Samaritans were second-class citizens, and a Samaritan who was also a woman was not exactly a person of honor.) This particular woman was an especially bad Samaritan. In contrast to the proverbial Good Samaritan” she was…

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A Modern Miracle
Author: Hyam Cohen

During our travels in Florida, I received a message from San Francisco to call Frank in Fort Myers. After several attempts I reached him, and he told me about his Jewish friend Rachel. She was to begin treatment for a malignant brain tumor, and the doctors had given her only a short time to live….

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Christ is Coming

Christ is coming! Let creation From her groans and travail cease; Let the glorious proclamation Hope restore and faith increase. Christ is coming! Christ is coming! Come, Thou blessed Prince of Peace. Earth can now but tell the story Of Thy bitter cross and pain; She shall yet behold Thy glory, When Thou comest back…

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Why I Aspire To Be A Missionary
Author: Joshua Moss

After a year of service with our Jews for Jesus Los Angeles branch, I rejoined the Liberated Wailing Wall, our mobile evangelistic team. Looking back on that year’s experience as a branch missionary and looking ahead to my future, I have what seem to be conflicting feelings. I found my time in Los Angeles to…

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