As I was walking past the phone, its ring grabbed my attention, so I picked it up. Shalom and good day,” I said.

“Er, hello, this is Dr. Cohen.”

“Yes, what can I do for you?” I replied.

“Didn’t Judy mention me to you?” he queried.

“No, I don’t think so. Is something wrong, doctor?”

It turned out that Dr. Cohen has a patient, Judy, who is a Hebrew Christian. She shared a Gospel tract and a book with Dr. Cohen but was too timid to pursue the witness. As it happened, Dr. Cohen actually became very interested in the Gospel, not only through the materials Judy shared, but also through a Christian friend.

When Dr. Cohen called Judy back to get more information about Christ, she was so stunned she was barely able to suggest, “Call Sam Nadler.” By the time he called me, he really wanted to know more. “What do I do now, Sam?” he asked. “Well, now, let me tell you a story…” I told him of God’s love and holiness, Messiah’s atonement and the need for faith.

“Doctor, would you like to ask Jesus to come into your life and forgive your sins?”

“Yes,” was his simple reply.

I explained how to be saved and started to lead this Jewish man in a prayer of salvation. Then his other office phone rang.

“Wait a minute,” he hurriedly exclaimed. He quickly came back to the phone. Again, his other phone rang as we started to pray. When he came back to the phone again, I suggested he have his secretary hold his calls until we were finished. After we finished praying, I assured him of what the Word of God says.

Dr. Cohen and I finally met a few days after he decided to follow Christ. He has begun studying the Bible and attending a nearby church. Praise God for His working and His way of healing our sin-sick hearts.

Editor’s Note: This is a true story, but we’ve substituted “Cohen” for the doctor’s identity to give him an opportunity to profess his faith himself .


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