Since I am a veteran JFJer of two and a half years, I thought I was prepared for almost any response. But in Tucson , I was in for a surprise.

I needed to buy some poster board and had to go to the University of Arizona art supply store. On the way to the counter I noticed the salesman was glaring at me. Normally I would ignore such behavior, but I was curious. As I made my purchase I asked, Excuse me, is anything wrong?”

Coolly he said, “You’re wearing a Star of David.”

“Sure I am! I’m Jewish and I’m proud of it!”

“Well,” he sneered, “I’m Arab, and I hate Jews!”

I had faced anti-Semitism before, but never was I thrown such a curve ball. Thankfully, the Lord provided the answers.

“So,” I countered, “you’re an Arab. I’m a Jew, but I don’t hate you because that’s not what Jesus taught.”

“I’ll tell you what’s − huh!?! Wait a minute! Jews don’t believe in Jesus!”

“Let me tell you about it,” I said. “After all, who says Jews don’t believe in Jesus?” Then we talked about Jews and others believing in Jesus. After our talk, he sighed and said, “You know, you’re making it very difficult to hate you.”

As I drove home, I prayed that Franz might be open to the Word of God (and that he wouldn’t hate Jews). While I prayed this, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great to see Franz again?” Then I got busy with other things for the rest of the day, so Franz took a back seat in my mind.

Two days later, the Liberated Wailing Wall was at the University of Arizona campus. While I was passing out tracts, who should pass by but Franz!

“Well, if it isn’t my Jewish friend!”

“Well, my Arab brother!” I grinned and asked,

“Still hate Jews?”

He matched my grin and said , “Let’s put it this way; I don’t hate you, and I’m reading the Bible now.”

Praise God for how He uses us. Please keep praying for Franz and all the others we in the Mobile Evangelistic Teams encounter on campuses, on the streets and on the run.