August 1979 Newsletter (5739:11)

Payday Some Day
August 1, 1979
Author: Moishe Rosen

“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day; the night cometh, when no man can work.” – John 9:4 Long ago before God called me into the ministry, even before I was a Christian, I worked as a clerk in a sporting goods store . On our...

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So Why Wait for Christmas?

One of the Christmas cards I got last year said, “May the birth of Christ, and your new birth in Him, be meaningful to you all year.” Now, that’s nice. And it’s the way it should be a wish for all the time, not just one day of the year. You...

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And Also To The Arabs
Author: Isaac Stoll

Since I am a veteran JFJer of two and a half years, I thought I was prepared for almost any response. But in Tucson , I was in for a surprise. I needed to buy some poster board and had to go to the University of Arizona art supply store. On the way to the counter I...

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God Makes The Difference
Author: Avi Snyder

I was handing out tracts on a college campus in Virginia , when a young man approached me. “I’m the president of Hillel (a Jewish campus organization),” he said. I smiled and asked, “What’s your name?” “Michael,” he...

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Alfred Edersheim – Auguste Neander TWO TESTIMONIES

Editor’s note: We who preach the Gospel today have a great debt to those Hebrew Christians who came before us, laboring long and hard, enduring much, that other Jews might come to know Christ. How much more then shall we owe those Gentile Christians who crossed...

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Much To Be Shared
Author: Cheryl Lewis

A couple of months before I set out with the New Jerusalem Players on tour, I looked at our schedule and noticed that we would be spending a week in Boston . I remembered that I had some relatives there, so I took their address with me when we left. The closer we got...

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Modern students of the Bible tend to approach Bible study by accepting terms at face value. For example, when we read about Adam, we accept this as the name of the first created man. However, rabbinic study delves behind the surface statement and derives many varied...

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Personal Evangelistic Dialogue

Since the beginning of this year we’ve been running a series of articles designed to encourage you to have personal evangelistic dialogue with your Jewish friends. We’ve told you what real dialogue is. We’ve given you tips on how to initiate...

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He asked me, What do I do . . .”
Author: Sam Nadler

As I was walking past the phone, its ring grabbed my attention, so I picked it up. Shalom and good day,” I said. “Er, hello, this is Dr. Cohen.” “Yes, what can I do for you?” I replied. “Didn’t Judy mention me to you?”...

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In Case You Haven’t Heard The Following Nasty Things Others Are Saying About Jews for Jesus (and our responses)

“They are crazy.” So, why try to refute the obvious? “Their religion can’t be true. If they are really doing what God wants them to do, how come my daughter who is one of them isn’t married?” Moishe has not come up with an answer...

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