Los Angeles

Tuvya Zaretsky reports, Two years ago we published an article in our newsletter titled “Never Too Old” about a Jewish man named Chuck. Cyril Gordon and I had ministered to Chuck and he repented and came to faith in Messiah in August 2008. I visited him last year, just before Christmas at the invitation of a family member. Chuck was dying of cancer, but his spirits were good and his faith was unwavering as he looked ahead to the shalom of being with his Lord. He asked me to help out with his funeral; specifically he wanted to insure a story of his Jewish identity and his faith in Yeshua to unsaved family members. So, after 89 years of life on earth—and more than two of those walking with the Savior—Chuck passed into life everlasting in the presence of Messiah Jesus—on December 27. Please pray that God will work in the hearts of family members who heard of his faith.

New York

Shoshannah Weinisch reports, “I received a phone call from Bonnie, a Jewish believer I meet with occasionally. She called to tell me she met another Jewish believer and as he shared his story, he explained that eighteen years ago two of his [then] patients, Stewart and Shoshannah, shared the gospel with him. And now he is a believer! They were surprised they both knew me, and I was floored to hear the news. We all will be getting together soon. Bonnie was so excited to tell me, ‘A seed you planted long ago has bloomed!’ I hope this will encourage anyone who has prayed and witnessed without seeing fruit. ‘Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up’ (Galatians 6:9).”

Tel Aviv

Yarden Nasser reports, “It was my second visit with Mila. She invited Moti (a student intern) and me to come inside her small apartment with a mattress on the floor. She has a boy about eight years old. She was very glad to meet with me and even though she didn’t agree that Jesus is the Messiah, she was willing to investigate and study the Bible together. As I taught her about the meaning of the Messiah and the priest in the Hebrew Scriptures, she listened carefully. Then we read some prophecies from Isaiah. She agreed about the sin in the world and commented that most people don’t want to come to a holy God ‘because they want to continue to sin.’ She didn’t resist hearing the gospel. After I prayed for her, she began to tear as she explained how difficult her life is. She is a single hardworking mom. Please pray for Mila to be saved; she seems very close.”

“Gozena, a Jewish-Spanish woman in Tel Aviv, is a brilliant woman who has her own business. I met her for the first time a year ago; she is a contact from the Behold Your God Gush Dan campaign. When I came to her home, her family members were there. She invited me to speak what was on my mind in front of all of them. I thought they might kick me out of the house! But after they listened a little bit, everyone except Gozena went to do whatever they needed to do. Gozena said that she felt what I believe about Jesus could be true. She invited me to visit her at her work. I came and we began to study from the Gospel of John.  Gozena’s assistant kept interrupting to contradict the gospel. Finally Gozena told her assistant that she wanted to read and to learn about Jesus, which was a victory in my eyes! The next time we met at her office, we studied Isaiah 53 together and she agreed that it’s about Jesus. She wants to continue studying the Bible with us. Please pray for Gozena to receive Jesus as her Savior!”