April 2010 Newsletter (5770:8)

Juden for Jesus in Germany
April 1, 2010

Did you know that April 11 is Holocaust Remembrance Day?  We’d like to present the unique challenges of our work in Germany against this backdrop: The state church in Germany… has decided that in the shadow of the Holocaust, they do not have the right to...

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Ruth’s Reflections
Author: Ruth Rosen

Dad,” I asked, “Do you have any thoughts on resurrection?” I was hoping he might reach for his dictation machine and give me something for “Moishe’s Musings.” Even though it was only January, the April newsletter would soon be due....

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Bits from the Branches

Kharkov Mikhail Vayshengolts gives a good example of how things are not always what they seem, and why it pays to persist: When I phoned Vladimir and offered to visit, he refused, saying that he was an atheist and didn’t see how he would benefit from such a...

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You Are Home
February 1, 2010

My responsibilities with Jews for Jesus have me traveling approximately 125 days a year. As I write to you, I have just begun an eight-day trip that is taking me first to Dallas, then to London. I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to serve Him, yet I...

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