Washington, D.C.

 What a joy to see God answer prayer as Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers brought the gospel to those who converged onWashington, D.C. to celebrate the presidential inauguration! Our staff and volunteers (totaling 201 people, including the largest network of volunteers we’ve had for any single event) handed out 113,200 copies of a broadside our staff wrote especially for the occasion. This was the most gospel tracts we’ve ever distributed in a single day.

We partnered with four local churches and one seminary. Six staff and interns came from our New York City branch and two of our Co-Laborers in Messiah came from out of state. God answered so many prayers, there’s not space to list them all here. One big concern was how the level of security might interfere with our freedom to hand out tracts, but praise God, we had no problems of the sort.

Those who are signed up for our RealTime e-publication received prayer requests for this outreach in December and January, and a detailed report in February. To see more details on this report, please go to: http://www.jewsforjesus.org/ publications/realtime/68. If you would like to receive RealTime, a free publication that provides time sensitive prayer requests and reports, click here.


 Peter, one of our missionaries in Israel had a wonderful day of ministry as two of the four Jewish seekers he visited prayed to receive Yeshua (Jesus). The first, 26-year-old Shay, like many Israelis, had backpacked through India after finishing his army service.After that, he had travelled through South America, where he heard a lot about Jesus. He then returned to Israel, and saw our newspaper ads from Behold Your God (BYG) Galilee last fall. He called and was willing to meet with one of us, which is how Peter happened to visit and lead him in a prayer of repentance and faith.

Later that day, Peter prayed with Michael, a middle-aged Israeli businessman whom we had first met last spring during BYG Tel Aviv. His heart did not seem nearly as prepared as Shay’s, but as Peter witnessed to him, he saw a change come over Michael. Peter says,

“Sometimes I forget Jesus’ promise: ‘With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.’All glory to Him! Please pray for continued growth for these two new believers.”

While much of our ministry in Israel is connected with BYG campaigns and follow up, there are many other opportunities as God enables our staff to respond to the unique situations there. For example, the staff spent quite a bit of time calling through the phone book to speak to people in areas affected by the Hamas missiles. Identifying themselves as Jews for Jesus, they offered to pray for the people who were willing to talk, and also offered copies of the Yeshua book to those who were interested.

Ze’ev says,

“While calling people in Southern Israel ‘randomly’ from the telephone book, I was surprised and touched to speak to Nefesh, whose full name means ‘the soul that will live.’ I explained that in order for his soul to live forever with God, he must receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life from Yeshua the Messiah. He was receptive to the gospel message, but had difficulty believing that Jesus rose from the dead. I said, ‘He is not a normal man—He is the Messiah. Can’t you believe that the Messiah Himself will rise from the dead?’ The dear old man said, ‘Yes, of course the Messiah can rise from the dead!’ He then prayed to receive Yeshua as his Savior.”

Then there is our Rishon Le Zion outpost, established just a little over a year ago by our missionaries Shlomy and Miriam. Shlomy was meeting with a family he is discipling, when the doorbell rang and a woman with two children entered. It turned out that the woman’s brother is a believer in Jesus, and this opened the door for Shlomy to witness to her. Two hours later, the woman prayed to receive the Lord. We are not publishing her name, as Shlomy believers her husband could react violently should he learn of his wife’s new faith. Please pray for her.