April 2008 Newsletter (5768:8)

Chicago Views: Dolphins, Loops and the Blues
April 1, 2008

We’ve occasionally written about our witness at “Taste of Chicago,” but the Windy City hosts a variety of other festivals as well. We hope you enjoy these reflections from three of our missionaries who wanted to give you glimpses of three venues where we had a...

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A Prophet Like Moses

As Passover approaches, Jewish people around the world remember Moses and how God used Him to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt, out of bondage to Pharoah. Some do not realize that God promised to provide another prophet like Moses: “I will raise up for them...

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Bits from the Branches

Ever since I can remember there has been a pushke in the office of the executive director of Jews for Jesus. This particular pushke is for the JNF. If you’ve never heard of a pushke and you don’t know what the JNF is, the former is like a piggy bank, except instead of a pig, it’s a rectangular box with a slot for coins. The latter, JNF, stands for the “Jewish National Fund.”

Many Jewish homes have a pushke for one charity or another. The JNF distributes their small blue metal boxes to collect money for planting trees in Israel.* Since its establishment in 1901, the Jewish National Fund has planted more than 240 million trees in Israel, thanks to donations from around the world. At first the contributors were mainly Jewish, but now…

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Coloring Outside the Lines
March 31, 2008

As a child, I enjoyed coloring books. Outlines of people, animals and landscapes awaited my choice of colors and craftsmanship to brighten the picture by filling in the areas indicated by the artist. It bothered me when people colored those pages without any reference...

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Walking in the Light
Author: Moishe Rosen

The character of any graphic depiction is defined and determined by light. How things are illuminated—drawings, paintings, photographs or cinematography—determines their mood, character and clarity. A good cinematic example is the genre “film noir,” named for the...

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