1. Pharaoh refused God’s command to:
    1. Let my people grow!
    2. Let my people glow!
    3. Let my people go!
  2. God commanded the Israelites to observe the first Passover standing up because:
    1. It would help their digestion
    2. No one had enough chairs for the entire family to eat the Passover meal together
    3. They had to be ready to leave Egypt at a moment’s notice
  3. A traditional song for Passover is Dayenu (pronounced die-yay-new) which means “It would have been enough.” It’s a song about how:
    1. we would all feel better had we only eaten one serving of everything at the Passover meal
    2. the argument between Uncle Saul and Aunt Mitzi over whose mother made the best matzah balls could have been resolved in five minutes instead of 25
    3. God always blesses us with more than what merely would have been enough

Answers: c,c and of course, c!”