*Behold Your God is our dream of reaching every city outside of Israel with a Jewish population of 25,000 or more.

This month we come to Lyon, France, the second to last city slated for a Behold Your God campaign. The city of Lyon is approximately two hours south of Paris. According to the Jewish Agency for Israel, Lyon is home for approximately 40,000 of the total 600,000 Jewish people who live in France.

Anti-Semitism has been on the rise in France since the year 2000. This means that our Jews for Jesus T-shirts will not only draw attention from anti-missionaries, but from people who harbor hostility towards Jews. Nevertheless, the T-shirts will also draw the attention of spiritual seekers, and we look forward to seeing who God will draw to Himself during this season.

Leading the campaign is Joshua Turnil, who heads up our Paris branch. Training will be from April 6-8 and the campaign will be from April 9-23.

Josh would like us all to be praying for:

  • physical and spiritual strength for campaigners and stewards

  • divine appointments with people whose hearts God has been preparing

  • effective media opportunities that will touch the Jewish community

  • authorities (who are quite strict on the distribution of religious literature in Lyon) to permit us to hand out our gospel tracts

  • the organization (a ministry to Muslims) that is hosting us to be blessed as they are a blessing to us

In the absence of a separate prayer card this month, we hope you’ll cut around the dotted line to keep this as your prayer reminder.