The following haiku” is also a riddle for Passover. To what do you suppose it refers?

Fish that cannot swim—
Balls that should not bounce,
On our Passover tables.


One traditional “starter” dish before the Passover meal is gefilte fish. Gefilte fish don’t swim because they are not an actual species of fish; they are boiled balls or chunks of chopped fish: usually, whitefish, pike or carp. The balls are held together with egg and matzoh meal, with some onion or maybe carrots, celery and parsley added in. Gefilte fish is served cold, often with horseradish.

Another traditional (and more universally appreciated) Passover dish is matzoh-ball soup. Now if you ever had a matzoh-ball that bounced, you did not have a very good matzoh ball. These dumplings are meant to be light, fluffy and to float ever so gracefully in a golden sea of chicken broth. If they bounce, they are more accurately referred to as matzoh bombs.