April 2006 Newsletter (5766:8)

Jewish Roots, Jewish Savior
April 1, 2006

This month marks a timely convergence of important Jewish and Christian celebrations. Passover begins at sundown on April 12 and continues for a week that includes Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday. Passover does not always overlap with the...

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Jewish Holidays This Month

Passover, the festival of redemption begins at sundown on April 12. It is appropriate to send greeting cards to Jewish friends for this holiday. It would also be wonderful if you were able to invite a friend to a Christ in the Passover presentation by one of our...

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The BYG* Pic
Topics: passover, poetry

*Behold Your God is our dream of reaching every city outside of Israel with a Jewish population of 25,000 or more. This month we come to Lyon, France, the second to last city slated for a Behold Your God campaign. The city of Lyon is approximately two hours south of...

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A Haiku for Passover

The following haiku” is also a riddle for Passover. To what do you suppose it refers? Fish that cannot swim— Balls that should not bounce, On our Passover tables. ANSWER One traditional “starter” dish before the Passover meal is gefilte fish. Gefilte...

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Meet Our New Missionary Trainees!
Topics: our stories

My name is Sara Herr. I am 23 years old, was born in California, raised in Las Vegas and I am the only child of Jewish parents who both believe in Jesus. Growing up I attended Hebrew school and learned many things about my Jewish identity, but I also learned who Jesus...

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Missionary Seasons
Author: Stephen Katz

One thing people might not realize about being a missionary is that it has its seasons—and like most walks of life, it has accompanying ups and downs. For the missionary in training, everything is a combination of nervousness and excitement. But in time, that passes....

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Back to Berlin: Reflections from Behold Your God

I had never been to Berlin before August 2005, yet I felt as though I was returning. Thoughts of Berlin have occupied much thought, study and yes, anguish in my life as a Jew. This was the center of the Nazi war effort. This was where Adolph Hitler gave orders in his...

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Moishe’s Musings: The Missing Ingredient
Author: Moishe Rosen

The elements that make a thing to be what it is can’t be compromised. Bread without yeast becomes matzoh. Oceans without water become very long, very dry valleys of sand. Marriages without love become a version of Hell. A church with a missing ingredient becomes...

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