Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports, A young Jewish man named Jonathan received the Lord as a child, but fell away in his teens after immersing himself in rabbinic Judaism. I began meeting with him, as I had practiced religious Judaism for about four years and could understand some of the struggles Jonathan was having with his faith. After we’d been meeting for two months Jonathan rededicated his life to the Lord. Please pray for him to remain strong, especially as he looks for ways to share the good news about Jesus with his Jewish friends and rabbis.”


Richard Muller reports, “It’s like an itch that must be scratched: when God is working, people have no choice but to listen. Michal, a Jewish woman who had browsed our Canadian web site, wrote to say that she did not believe that one could be Jewish and believe in Jesus. Yet she seemed genuinely interested in understanding the link between Jews and Jesus. I shared the gospel with her over the phone, and we discussed some of the Messianic prophecies. She wanted to know more about the history of the Jewish believing community, but we did not have time, so we agreed to have a second phone visit. When I called back, I was pleasantly surprised to find she had bought a Bible. After this second visit she did not seem to be interested in going any further, so it was with some surprise that I received an email from her with a question regarding one of the passages I had suggested she read! Please pray that we will continue to meet, and that Michal will accept her Messiah.”

Karl deSouza reports, “I was coldcalling through Jewish surnames beginning with “A” in the white pages, leaving messages on answering machines if no one was home. The next day, a Mrs. “A” called our branch late in the afternoon and I happened to answer. She had received the message and was returning my call! Mrs. A informed me that she is 84 years old and said that she is too old to change. Nevertheless, she allowed me to share the gospel and Isaiah 53 with her. She said she was studying the Bible at her shul (synagogue), but said she would read Isaiah 53: ‘Wait a minute. Let me write that down.’ She ended our conversation by saying, ‘I wish you the best and shalom. Keep up the good work!’ Please pray for God’s good work to be done in her life.”

Washington, D.C.

Stephen Katz reports, “Larry Dubin and I attended a movie called Chosen People at the DC Jewish Community Center. It’s about Messianic Jews, Jews for Jesus and Jews for Judaism. It’s actually quite balanced and worth seeing. Afterwards, there was a panel discussion with the JCC director and Scott Hillman, the Baltimore director of Jews for Judaism. One woman in the audience said, ‘I just don’t understand why Jews for Jesus targets the Jewish community. It’s been pointed out to me that the area director of Jews for Jesus is sitting RIGHT in front of me. Perhaps he can answer!’ The moderator and Scott Hillman exchanged glances, after which the moderator declined to let me speak.”


Tolik Emma reports, “I was calling contacts that had been on my inactive list for six months because they hadn’t been open for visits. Tatiana, whose mother was Jewish, was one of those contacts. Her mother had been bedridden for many years and that was her reason for not meeting. I called her many times and talked with her from the Scriptures, testifying about Christ, but she would never meet in person, though I live near her. So when I called back after six months, I heard a glad voice. She knew who I was immediately, and said she had come to believe right after her mom’s death six months earlier. She has been baptized and seems sure of her faith. I’m very glad that I could minister to Tatiana, even though I did not know at the time that it was making a difference. Please pray for her further spiritual growth.”