April 2005 Newsletter (5765:8)

Two Sides of the Street
April 1, 2005
Topics: passover

I was standing on the corner of Powell and Market Streets at the top of the escalator leading to the subway in downtown San Francisco. It was hot. I had been standing there for nearly two hours and it was nearly time to go, but I stayed just a few minutes more....

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Passover Notes
Topics: passover

Passover begins at sundown on April 23. Jewish people often refer to Passover by its Hebrew pronunciation, Pesach (pay-sockh), and it is also known as the Feast of Redemption. Passover commemorates the Exodus from slavery in Egypt, and is named after the paschal lamb....

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Passover Praises

It is too early to report on this year’s Passover tours, though if you have e-mail, we are able to give more up-to-the-minute reports through our Real Time e-letter. However, we can tell you some of the things that happened last year, to inspire you to pray for...

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An Excerpt from Renee and Richard: A True Love Story
Author: Richard Abend

The following are excerpts from an article that appeared in the February edition of ISSUES, our bimonthly publication for Jewish seekers. I never thought I’d get married, for the simple reason that I never thought I would ever meet someone who would love me just...

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Why Passover and Easter are a Month Apart This Year
Author: Rich Robinson

To paraphrase the First Question asked each year at Passover: Why is this year different from all other years?” Or most other years, anyway. Answer: in most other years, Passover and Easter fall within close proximity of each other, but in 2005 they fall a month...

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