Fort Lauderdale

Chad Elliott reports, Every year our branch sorties (passes out gospel tracts) at the Los Olas Art Festival, a festival held both in January and September. It is always packed with Jewish visitors. This year I encountered an elderly Jewish woman who approached me and yelled, ‘You’re not a Jew. You’re not even Catholic. You’re nothing!’ Mindful of Yeshua’s instruction to repay insults with blessings, I smiled and said, ‘Have a nice day, ma’am. God bless you.’ She was taken aback and said, ‘You mean you don’t want to talk to me?’ I explained that I don’t talk much to people who don’t seem interested in listening. She apologized and asked me to explain why I believe Jesus is the Messiah. Unfortunately, her son dragged her away into the crowd before I could answer. Please pray that she will continue to be curious about Jesus.”

At the same festival, Greg Savitt gave a tract to comedian Jackie Mason, telling him, “Jackie, you will like this, it is about a nice Jewish boy named Jesus, who is the Jewish Messiah.” (The fact that he received the tract is in no way meant as statement of Mr. Mason’s spiritual interest or beliefs, but we thought you’d like to pray with us that this man who has made so many people laugh will one day have the joy of the Lord through the Messiah.)


Stephen Pacht reports, “Abraham, a Jewish businessman, saw our office and dropped in. He’s become interested in Jesus through the conversion of a Muslim friend. I have had a couple of visits with Abraham. Please pray for him to come to Christ.”

Sally Seymour reports, “Nicole, an American Jewish girl whom I meet with weekly, is interested in Jesus, says she needs forgiveness of sin, but resists entrusting her life to Jesus. Please pray that God will give her the grace to trust Him, and that her fiancT will not be a hindrance to her search, but would likewise seek a relationship with God.”


Leonid Krouter reports, “It was 10 degrees Fahrenheit and as people hurried by in the cold I thought, ‘Don’t any of these people want to get saved?’ I was sincerely sorry for them, as it seemed to me that none cared about the chance to receive the One who gives peace and blessings. But then, I saw an elderly Jewish man walking slowly but purposefully toward me. I approached him and learned that Mikhail knew about Jesus, but hadn’t prayed to repent. I offered and he agreed. Hallelujah. Please pray for Mikhail and for the work of the Kiev branch.”


Lena Gourtovaya reports, “It had been two months since my last call to Lilia. I felt she was not interested in Jesus because sometimes she acted indifferent and other times she interrupted me as I tried to tell her about the Lord. When I finally called her again, she asked indignantly, ‘Why didn’t you call for such a long time?’ We met and while she still does not believe, this time she listened attentively without interruption. Please pray for her salvation, for her healing, and that God will give her faith and will heal her wounded heart.”


Nici Smith reports, “It has been a joy to meet regularly with Barbara, a new Jewish believer in Jesus. Still, I had gotten discouraged that after almost a year in the Lord she still was not a regular part of any congregation. Just before my vacation, I used the analogy of the four chair legs and explained that while she was stable in prayer, Bible reading and sharing her faith, her chair was still wobbly since it had the fourth leg, congregational life, missing. How wonderful it was to walk into her home after being away and hear her say enthusiastically, ‘Nici, I am now a four-legged Christian!!!’ Please pray for her growth in the Lord and for her husband who is not yet a believer. He said he would like Garrett* to visit him. While I was gone, not only did Barbara work through her church issue, but another contact, Jane, came to faith in Jesus. I am reminded yet again that it’s the Lord who provides the increase. This is His ministry not mine.” (*Garrett is Nici’s husband and our Boston branch leader.)