April 2004 Newsletter (5764:8)

Resurrection: What’s the Big Deal?
April 1, 2004
Topics: passover

Overheard at a New York City cabstand between two drivers: Resurrection Sunday, big deal! Even if I believed that he rose from the dead what difference would that make to me?” Ever hear a conversation like that? How would you answer? Here is what I would say:...

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Yom ha Shoah

April 18 is Holocaust Remembrance Day (in Hebrew, Yom ha Shoah). If you have Jewish friends or co-workers, you can show respect for them by letting them know you are aware of the day and praying for Jews worldwide to be able to live in peace. Also, please note the...

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Firstfruits Then and Now
Author: Rich Robinson

This is not an exhaustive study on the meaning of firstfruits, but we hope it will whet your appetite and tempt you to open your concordance (or computer Bible...

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A Message from Moishe: Suggestions on Praying for Loved Ones
Author: Moishe Rosen

If I sent out prayer advisories, the following would be an urgent one regarding the members of your family. Yes, your family. I know that I’m a religious fanatic because if we are just meeting, I’ll ask you: Are all of your family members saved?” I...

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