The Innocent Stone Rocks Israel

The uses for rock and stone have been unlimited throughout the ages. Through archaeology we see that people used stone and rock for cookery, pottery and for building.

However, stones were not only used to build, but also to destroy. Stoning was the common way to execute criminals in Bible times. David slew Goliath with a stone.

Throughout the centuries it is no secret that rocks were weapons of war intended to harm, maim and kill. Boulders were flung onto Masada to bring the Jews down as they rebelled against Roman rule.

Therefore, I am amazed each time the news media glosses over the rocks that are thrown against Israel—time after time, day after day—as unimportant or innocent. Who does not know that throwing rocks is harmful and by no means a soft way to deal with one’s opposition? Yet the media continues to accuse, Israel shoots when mere stones were thrown!” (More often than not, the bullets shot to defend us from rocks are rubber.)

Does the media need physics lessons about the effect of hurling rocks? Or Bible lessons, better still!

One day when my husband and I went to distribute gospel literature in an area that is now being overseen by dual security (Palestinian and Israeli), our car was pelted with rocks-not because we believe in Jesus, but because we are Israelis. A piece of concrete shattered the windshield. Even as a believer, I can tell you this is a scary experience! You may imagine how those who don’t know the Lord feel when such things happen.

When I hear the stones thrown against us counted as nothing and Israel portrayed as the villain time and time again, I can’t help wondering if we are nearing the moment when, according to Scripture, all the nations will come against Israel. When I hear how the media is turning hearts against Israel, I wonder how close we are to the end.

I feel a mourning in my heart for Israel, that she is so far from God—yet a joy in knowing that God wants to forgive her and draw her back. The Scriptures tell about God’s desire for Israel. Despite her flaws, she is the apple of His eye. The Bible shows time and time again that even when God allows other nations to harm Israel, He intends to redeem her and punish those who have attacked her. I am so glad to be able to have a part in that redemption process, though for now it is only one by one that we are seeing people of Israel redeemed through Yeshua (Jesus).

In considering stones and rocks, let us remember that the Lord Himself is our rock. I pray that God will help us stand in Yeshua, the Rock of God. Yeshua, the Rock of Ages, is the only hope for those who want to build a life of love, hope and godliness. He is the cornerstone that the builders rejected (Matthew 21:42), but there are those who are willing to receive Him, yes, even here in Israel. And to them He becomes a firm foundation. Pray with us that more people, Jews and Arabs, will build their hopes on Him.

Please also join us in praying that believers will prevail against the tide that so easily turns popular opinion, and that more will have a “rock solid” understanding of God’s heart for Israel.

Thank you for your love and support. Pray for us to stand firm in the Rock and to respond as He wants us to respond when rocks are flung in Israel’s direction.

Ed: It is our policy to remind our friends that to love Jews does not mean to despise Arabs. We believe that through Christ, God can occupy a place in the hearts of both Jews and Arabs that will enable us to live together in peace. May the compassion that brought Jesus to Calvary compel us to treat all people as precious in God’s eyes.


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