April 2002 Newsletter (5762:8)

What Can We Expect?
April 1, 2002

It seemed like a fluke then. I wouldn’t say it’s typical now. But there may be a trend developing… Years ago, one of our more generous donors sent a letter informing Moishe Rosen (our founder and executive director at the time) that he was discontinuing his support. He didn’t have a complaint, exactly. He had…

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The Innocent Stone Rocks Israel
Author: Miriam A

The uses for rock and stone have been unlimited throughout the ages. Through archaeology we see that people used stone and rock for cookery, pottery and for building. However, stones were not only used to build, but also to destroy. Stoning was the common way to execute criminals in Bible times. David slew Goliath with…

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Jews for Jesus Tel Aviv Branch

Tel Aviv means Spring Hill.” This time of year is so beautiful in Israel, with flowers blooming and the scent of jasmine and orange blossoms in the air. What better time to introduce you to our Tel Aviv branch? Did you know… Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly legal for an Israeli to share…

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Israel Independence Day

The fifth day of the Hebrew month Iyar is the official date for Israel Independence Day. This year that falls on April 17. For 2,000 years, many Jewish people lived and died at the whims of governments that considered them to be outsiders. In fact, the Holocaust became one of the best arguments for the…

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The BYG Pic

Natalie Sachs reports on the Cape Town Behold Your God campaign: In our two weeks, we prayed with 103 people to receive Jesus out on the streets of Cape Town. Out of these, 3 were Jewish. We received 91 unsaved Jewish contacts (people who gave their names, addresses and phone numbers to hear more) and…

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