Sergei Koulakov reports from Dnepropetrovsk, Ludmila is a Jewish woman who called our office wanting to know more about Jesus. She received the gospel on our very first visit. I have been amazed by her rapid spiritual growth. She attends church services, testifies, invites people to hear about Jesus and reads her Bible faithfully. Please pray for God’s protection and continued leading in Ludmila’s life.”

Bob Mendelsohn reports from Sydney, “The heart of the Jewish community here is known as the Eastern Suburbs. When I spoke at a church in the center of that very area, the local rabbinate sent the hosting pastor a letter condemning Jews for Jesus and expressing hope that he would withdraw the invitation for me to speak. The pastor stood by his invitation, and half an hour before I was to speak several people showed up outside the church to protest the meeting. Their placards had messages like, ‘Pray not prey’ and ‘Be a good neighbor.’

“As it turned out, three unbelieving Jewish people attended the service. Samuel was hostile and wanted to prevent others from considering my message, though he held his tongue till the service was finished. Phillip accepted a copy of my story booklet and expressed embarrassment over Samuel’s hostility. Finally, Alexandra, a 20-something friend of some Christians who attend the church, was also there that morning. She seemed very close to salvation and was upset by Samuel’s hostility.

“The following Friday, the Jewish newspaper printed a most derogatory article about us with a cartoon depicting us as sharks. Several Jewish people who are not (yet) believers were angry about this and said they would write letters to the editor. Please pray for an ongoing witness through this controversy.”

Dan Sered reports from Israel, “Josh Turnil (who has been helping with our Paris branch) came to visit. A believer named Danielle from Paris had asked him to visit her friends, Ilan and Tami. Well, Josh and I met them at a coffee shop and we just had a great discussion with them. Please pray that God would reveal Himself to them. I was also encouraged by the follow-up from the movie project that we did, having given away some “Jesus” videos. Out of 36 calls I attempted, 21 answered and they all heard the gospel. Most were not looking for further contact, but some were open to meeting with me. Jacob is one such person. Please pray that he and his wife will allow me to follow through and meet with them.”

Also from Israel, Efraim reports, “I was handing out tracts on King George Street when someone took the tract and promptly dropped it. Before I could pick up the discarded broadside, a gust of wind swept it into the entrance of a sex shop (yes, they have them, even in Israel). I considered picking it up, but another gust of wind swept it into the shop itself. At that point I was not going in to retrieve it. I couldn’t help wondering what the Lord intended for that broadside, which was titled, “All the World is a Stage.”

From San Francisco, Robyn Wilk reports, “During our Millennial Convocation Laura Barron (from our Toronto branch) met a Jewish woman who does not know the Lord . Since it was a local contact she passed Karen’s name and phone number to me. When I called, I found Karen extremely open. Please pray for her salvation.”

From New York, Igor Ashkinazi reports, “I left my house at 7 a.m. to visit Alex (not his real name), a Russian Jew, in prison. Twenty-eight-year-old Alex got involved in the Russian Mafia in Brooklyn and is now paying for it with a 25-year sentence. It took nearly four hours to see him, but it was worth it! Alex’s name was added to the Lamb’s Book of Life that day. It was a joyous week as I also had the privilege of leading Misha, another Russian Jew, to our Messiah. I had met his wife and son a month before and they both received Christ. What a blessing to be able to lead the father/husband to the Lord.”

Also from New York, Cyril Gordon reports, “Several of us came across the famous “Dr. Ruth.” To the amazement of this Jewish celebrity, we introduced ourselves as Jews who believe in Jesus and spoke briefly to her. Her response? ‘To each his own.’ Well, at least Dr. Ruth knows that some Jews believe in Jesus!”