Rachel, currently a student at Moody Bible Institute, participated in our Panama City Beach Spring Break Outreach last April. Here’s how she described it: In a very strange sudden fog, and on April Fool’s Day, ten of us walked up and down the ‘main drag’ of Panama City. ‘So what?’ you might ask. Well, to add a few more details, we were playing kazoos and two clowns were frolicking around us with placards saying ‘Jews for Jesus,’ ‘Got Jesus?’ and ‘Happy Passover.’ We performed skits whenever the traffic hit a standstill. The looks on students’ faces when they saw us were great. Most of it was shock (it was April Fool’s Day, don’t forget), but just being out there lifting the name of Jesus was fantastic. It was fun, we got laughed at, we looked like fools, but WHO CARES? It was all for Jesus!”