From Moscow, outreach worker Maxim Ammosov reports, I often visit a new Jewish believer named Elena. Her mother, Vassa, always comes to listen at the visits. At one such visit Vassa repented and came to faith in Jesus. Elena’s father, Ovsey, was a convinced atheist and didn’t want to know anything about God. But he, too, decided to listen in on a recent visit, and he seemed to understand the meaning of the Good News. I hope we will have further ministry to him.”

Missionary Natalie Sachs reports from South Africa, “Last month I told you about Olga, the 86-year-old Jewish woman who just came to faith. She recently moved into an old age home where she is not treated very well, and where, if her belongings are not locked up at all times, they are stolen by the staff (including my umbrella). Amidst these awful circumstances and Olga’s inability to read the Bible due to cataracts, she is growing in her faith! She is memorizing Scriptures and we are making our way through Luke, which seems to really speak to her each week. I am praising the Lord as I see Olga growing in her faith, and trusting her Messiah for all her needs!”

From New York, missionary Igor Ashkinazi reports on this team effort: “This week while handing out tracts I met a young Israeli man named Eyal. He spoke English and seemed sincerely interested, so I explained the gospel to him. Seeing that he agreed with me on all points, I called my colleague Miriam Abramov to come over and she led him to the Lord with a Hebrew prayer of repentance. Glory to God!” [Ed. Meanwhile, Miriam’s husband, Shlomi (also Israeli) was busy leading a Muslim named Yusaf to the Lord. Praise God!]

Also from New York Kina Forman reports, “A middle-aged Jewish man named Mitchell saw that I was with Jews for Jesus and said, ‘What is this all about? My son is a Jew for Jesus. He said that I had to believe in Jesus to go to Heaven.’ When I explained the gospel to him and offered to send him some literature, he was very excited. “Yes!” he said, “You know, my son told me that I would see you guys and that would prove that Jesus is the Messiah!” He is looking forward to studying the Bible with my husband, Mitch. Pray for Mitchell’s salvation.”

From Washington, D.C. Garrett and Nici Smith report, “Sometimes we want to do all that is in our power to see someone saved and God reminds us that it’s in His power that we need to rely. Josh is a Jewish man who responded to our Future Hope advertisement. I [Garrett] began to meet with him and believed he was sincerely searching, so it broke my heart when he told me he did not want to meet anymore. I called him again anyway when I returned from our honeymoon. He told me, ‘I have been looking again at the argument for the Resurrection and I am finding it somewhat compelling. I am amazed at how weak the arguments against it are. I must tell you I feel that I am really close to becoming a Christian.’ It was one of those moments to marvel and praise God for what He is doing. Josh is now willing to study the Scriptures with me.”

Nici had a similar experience: “I recently met with Anita who had been studying the Scriptures with a fellow missionary. She’d heard the gospel and every possible reason why Jesus is the Messiah yet she was not willing to accept it. It is such a helpless feeling to know this precious person is so in need of a Savior but is not willing to take that step of faith. All I could do is step back and pray, trusting God for a miracle. And He answered! Anita has found her Messiah and is intensely studying the Scriptures, sharing her faith with unsaved relatives and asking many questions. We praise God for He did it!”

Missionary Lyn Bond reports from Chicago, “A Christian named Wendi came into our office, drawn by the window display. She has been a believer in Jesus for just under a year and has a burden for her Jewish friend Rona, who she’s known since junior high. Wendi brought Rona to our Tuesday night Bible study, where I met her and arranged to visit with her. She prayed with me to receive Jesus, and is now facing a tremendous amount of anger and pressure from her parents. Please pray for her.”