Praise Report

Thanks to those of you who have been praying for our new work in Australia. One of our primary prayer requests was for volunteers to come alongside. We now have two Co-Laborers in Messiah (CLIMs) in Oceania. One is next door in New Zealand near Auckland, and the other is in Sydney. Welcome to Perry Trotter and Samantha Burton who have completed their volunteer training! Others are preparing to take the training next time. We still need to pray for more regular volunteers throughout Australia, but we are praising God for the help He has already raised up. Thanks again for praying.

New Missionaries

Our missionary training center in New York City has definitely taken on an international flavor! Our last group of trainees consisted of one American (Gary), one South African (Natalie) and two Israelis (Kate and Moshe). Please pray for them; this month they begin the next phase of their training which we call seasoning.”

Meanwhile, the group that is following on their heels is just as international. We have two Americans (Susie Mendelson and Brenda Forman—though we are training Brenda at the request of another mission), one Macedonian (Asher Avramovski) and two South Africans (Michael Sischey and Nici Meyer). We will be introducing you to them in coming editions of the newsletter.

From the Editor: Oops!

In our February newsletter, we printed a Yiddish saying on the front page: “Man drives but God holds the reigns.”

And while our God certainly reigns (and He even rains down blessings), in this case we were talking about reins—I guess you can tell that we at Jews for Jesus don’t have a whole lot of experience with horses!