From New York City, missionary trainee Gary Leese reports, Moshe and I were visiting a local church and after the service, we found an anonymous note on our windshield. Someone was asking us to visit a Jewish man who had tried to commit suicide. We visited Steven in the hospital later that evening. He considers himself agnostic, yet when I asked him how he thought I happened to be visiting him from an anonymous note, he acknowledged that God was somehow involved. It is a step in the right direction, praise God! Please pray for Steven as I continue to share the love God has through our Messiah, Yeshua.”

“‘Lap Fruit’ is when others plant the seed, God waters it and the fruit just falls into our lap,” says branch leader Peter Rice from Washington, D.C. “Lap fruit” also demonstrates teamwork. In this case, a Christian gave a Jewish friend named Stuart a story tape by Lon Solomon, a Jewish believer and pastor (and member of Jews for Jesus board of directors). Lon’s story struck a resonant chord with Stuart each time he listened to it. When Stuart’s friend invited him to an evangelistic crusade, Stuart not only attended, but was recruited at the last minute to be an usher! After the crusade, he knew he had to find out more. “I had to know if Jesus was really the Messiah for Jews like me, or just a god for Gentiles,” he said.

Stuart called the church that Lon Solomon pastors, which “happens” to be Peter Rice’s home church. They passed the contact along to Peter. Peter answered Stuart’s questions, and had the privilege of leading him to faith in Christ. Stuart is now bringing his wife to our D.C. Bible study, hoping that she too will accept the good news of Jesus.

Diane Cohen is our part-time missionary, full-time ray of sunshine in San Francisco. Two elderly Jewish women whom she has been witnessing to for quite some time, Flora Belle and Geraldine, both recently prayed to accept Jesus as their Savior! By the way, Diane’s husband, Hyam is “retiring” from our Purple Pomegranate Productions. He and Diane will be moving down to Florida this June to enjoy the warmer weather and help out with our Ft. Lauderdale branch.

Outreach worker Edward Granovsky reports from Moscow, “I met with Rosa Vladimirovna Veisman twice during the last week of her life, knowing that her time was short. She listened attentively and prayed to receive Yeshua the day before she died. Praise Yeshua for His redemptive power even in the last moments of life.”

From Odessa, outreach worker Lilia Rakhlina reports, “My mother recently visited and brought good news from home. My father, who is Jewish but always considered himself an atheist, is now attending Bible studies; he’s even started praying on his knees. It’s a miracle! Please pray for salvation for my father, Mark Abramovich Rakhlin and for my Orthodox sister, Snezhana. May the Lord continue to draw my family to Himself!”

From Paris, trainee Kate Fryer reports, “Etienne Levy (our Paris outreach worker) and I visited Judith—actually I mostly observed and prayed while Etienne talked her through the gospel. Judith has been listening to Christian radio stations for two years, and her heart was very tender toward Jesus. Near the end of the Bible study, Etienne asked if she would like to pray to receive Jesus by faith for the forgiveness of her sins. She said yes and we all prayed together! The following Sunday, Judith attended church and said that the transformation in her life is ‘like a miracle.’ The service really spoke to her. Please pray for her continued growth in the faith.”

From Australia, branch leader Bob Mendelsohn reports, “The Australia Jewish News reported that an American-based counter missionary organization was going to open shop in Australia, due in no small part to the exposure Jews for Jesus received three months earlier on an ABC television program called ‘Compass.’ (The producers of the show wanted a program on ‘opposing missions’ and had found us in the phone book! A number of Jewish people had watched the show after being ‘warned’ about it in the local Jewish newspaper.)

“As a result of that article, a Russian Jew named Garry, called us wanting to know more about our beliefs. Garry has lived in Sydney for nearly twenty years and has thought often about Jesus, so he was happy to hear that there are Jews for Jesus in his city. I visited Garry, found him to be very open to the gospel and we will be meeting again soon. The old adage by Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen proves true once again: ‘Every knock is a boost!'”