April 1999 Newsletter (5759:8)

Bits from the Branches
April 1, 1999

From New York City, missionary trainee Gary Leese reports, Moshe and I were visiting a local church and after the service, we found an anonymous note on our windshield. Someone was asking us to visit a Jewish man who had tried to commit suicide. We visited Steven in...

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Choose Life

A pastor friend of mine once wrote a sermon titled, Just Because You’re Breathing, Doesn’t Mean You’re Alive.” In other words, sin yields death, and real life doesn’t happen until people know Jesus. Scott T. was one of the walking dead....

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Excellence Is Better Than Success
Author: Moishe Rosen

In recent months, we have been looking at our list of Jews for Jesus Core Values, examining them one by one. These values are fundamental to the identity, actions and commitments of our ministry. This month’s core value is: striving for excellence in all that we...

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Topics: resurrection

Praise Report Thanks to those of you who have been praying for our new work in Australia. One of our primary prayer requests was for volunteers to come alongside. We now have two Co-Laborers in Messiah (CLIMs) in Oceania. One is next door in New Zealand near Auckland,...

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Resurrection Reflections
Author: Ruth Rosen

There is a kind of reverse—or maybe I should say perverse—resurrection whereby we sometimes bring back” that which is better left dead and buried: decaying desires, rotten self-righteousness (or its evil twin, self-loathing), resentments, all kinds of thoughts...

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Salvation, Weather or Not!

Michigan? Are you sure you want me to go there?” That was my response when I learned the location for my “spring” speaking tour a couple of years ago. My concern was whether or not the state of Michigan realized that it was supposed to be spring...

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Striving for Excellence

This month’s core value contains a word that precedes excellence, and that word is strive.” Striving for excellence is not a caveat whereby we can justify a lack of excellence by saying, “Well, we were striving for it anyway!” While we...

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